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Ready to change the world: STEM teachers in demand

The UK economy desperately needs more people with skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This means it also needs more students to study a diploma in education and training, with a view to focusing on those STEM topics. This is partly to keep pace with the demands of the technological revolution. It’s already impacting on all aspects of business and daily life and is most certainly going to gain momentum.

However, the need for more people with STEM skills is nothing new. The UK shortfall – in fact, the deficit worldwide – has been a headache for some time. According to the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, 43% of job posts in STEM areas are already classed as difficult to fill.

It starts with shortfall in STEM teachers

Clearly, there needs to be a big push to encourage young people to focus on science, technology, engineering and maths at school and college. For this to happen, the UK needs more graduates leaving college ready to provide diploma in education and training in these subjects. In the summer of 2017, it was reported that while pupil numbers in general are growing, the number of STEM teachers has been stagnant for two years.

There is a need to change young people’s perceptions about these topics but insufficient teachers can also have a negative impact. In 2017, 41% of A-levels taken in the UK were in STEM topics, an increase of only 1% over the previous year. Even more alarming, the numbers of girls taking STEM A-levels remained the same year-on-year.

This is despite the fact that the UK Government has put considerable emphasis on science and engineering as the key to the country’s future prosperity.

Why become a STEM teacher or trainer?

For anyone considering taking teaching and training qualifications at college in London, this provides you with a great deal of food for thought.

By focusing on STEM teaching, you are helping to shape the future not just for your pupils, but of the economy as a whole.

Knowing you are the gatekeeper for new inventors, engineers, technicians and scientists is teaching at its most exciting.

On a more personal level, you would clearly have a great many more job vacancies to choose from if you decide to pursue a STEM teacher or training career.

You may also be eligible for a range of special incentives created in the UK to attract more Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths teachers. In some cases, this includes “golden handshakes” to help you during your studies.

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