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How to Boost Site Conversions with Ecommerce Security Measures

Before you create ecommerce website for your online store, there are a number of things related to security which is required to be taken into consideration for a better performance. A secured connection is a sign of safety and reliability. It develops customer’s trust and boosts ecommerce website UK conversions.

In this highly technically skilled world, various hackers are sitting around to grab up your page and steal your customers and profit. Hence, it is extremely important to conquer these hackers and achieve an efficient security. So, now let us see some points that will help you to build the best ecommerce website UK with guaranteed security and long lasting authenticity.

Ecommerce Security Measures

The Deep Protection Layer

For getting a trustworthy security advancement has introduced a new deep protection layer which is the SSL. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which creates an encrypted link between the web server and the web browser. This encrypted link will help you to achieve the following conversions

  • A secured communication between the server and the host
  • Will provide you a lock to the security with a secret key
  • Prevention of foreign accesses to interrupt

By using SSL you will be able to implement all the above mentioned parameters with your web page that will keep it secured. There are a number of organizations and companies which provide you with SSL like Godaddy, Let’s Encrypt etc. It gives you other customer benefits also as more than 84% of users often switch the website if they don’t find it secured with SSL. So, keep your website 84% safe and get SSL registered to your ecommerce website UK today, because you can’t afford to lose.

The Certified Seal

Human beings need proofs for believing anything. For your ecommerce website in London , you need to have some solid proof before you claim a ecommerce security measures or a seal. Trust Seals is that proof or security which is a trusted seal that is granted to an organization to show to customers that it is secured. It is a certified seal which is given to a merchant after testing for the following parameters

  • Using good ecommerce security measures and practices
  • Safe methods for transactions
  • Having good data security techniques
  • Having verified business and private seals

If the above mentioned framework is secured by an organization only then it is given the logo of trust seal. It develops trust among the customers and it is a sign that the concerned UK ecommerce is completely safe to

  • Carry out any purchases
  • Do money transactions
  • Share the necessary data

Hence, having a trust seal is a good measure and it is highly recommended that every best ecommerce website should have this deep protection seal, else it will lose the trust of its valuable customers.

Safe & Secured Gateways

Money is something very important and precious and everyone wants that their precious thing should be dealt safely. A ecommerce website builder UK will have the best and secured payment gateway for the customers. There are a number of factors which comes into considerations while talking about the gateways working process to give ecommerce security measures.

You may be surprised to know but a survey tells that 89% didn’t consider security until they enter their credit card details.

There are different ecommerce security measures options which are necessary to look before choosing a payment gateway like

  • How much customer information it takes
  • Its processing time(as slow processing makes customer feel that the source is not safe)
  • Verification techniques( verification via SMS or mails)

It has been found out that 50% of customers often don’t make purchases if that ecommerce London do not have a payment gateway. There are a number of payment gateway options available like PayPal, Shopify, WorldPay etc. Depending on the needs of your ecommerce London choose one of them and get the best security associated with your best ecommerce website.

Use Of Strong Uncommon Passwords

The best means to achieve security is by using strong passwords. Whenever you ask your customer to enter a password for your ecommerce website UK make your customer to enter strong password which can be such as

  • Combination of letters, numbers and special symbols
  • Inclusive of a verification code

But do remember that don’t make this too confusing for a customer that will make him switch from the website. Use simple means as discussed above and make your customer feel that he/she is using a safe ecommerce platform for making the purchases.

The Bottom Line To Boost Ecommerce Conversions

You will get best ecommerce website and it is better, it is necessary to achieve some security options over your ecommerce website. This will help you to get the trust of your customer and fascinate them towards your ecommerce store. So, implement the above discussed security options with your ecommerce website UK and get the maximum customers attracted to your ecommerce store.

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