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What is an MBA degree?

An MBA Degree can transform students’ life

Millions of students from all over the world showcase interest to continue their higher education in London, since almost all the reputed business schools in the city offer world-class education. If you are a student who is planning to continue your education in London, there are basic requirements which you have to fulfil before applying for such professional courses. Some of the basic entry requirements include:

  • Minimum of three years of full-time work experience
  • Degree in under-graduation from a recognised university.
  • GMAT scores
  • IELTS scores

What is GMAT score in regards to an MBA Degree?

If you want to get admission in the best college in London, then you should score the best marks in GMAT, the Graduation Management Admission Test. It is worth noting that GMAT scores of 600 or 660 are considered very high, and more than that is regarded as an excellent score. You should seriously prepare for GMAT exams for at least six or eight months since you will be tested on your:

  • Analytical skills
  • Integrated reasoning
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Verbal argumentation

Total exam time that will be allotted to you will be 3 hours and 7 minutes.

  • Analytical Writing Assessments

There will be two sections under this category, and you will have to write one discursive and one issue essay. Under the first section, you will have to analyse a problem and present your argument. Under the second section, your task will be to write a six hundred word essay on a given topic in a proper format.

  • Integrated Reasoning

There are four sections under this category, and you will have to answer 12 questions under each section, and they include table analysis, two-part analysis, multi-source reasoning and graphics representation.

  • Quantitative reasoning

There will be eighteen questions under problem-solving and data sufficiency category. Your mathematical, quantitative and analytical skills will be evaluated through this test. You will have to answer 31 questions and score will range of from 6 to 51.

  • Verbal skills

In this category, there will be 36 multiple choice questions which you have to answer and the questions will be from critical reasoning, reading comprehension and sentence correction. This measures grammatical, sentence correction, rhetorical and critical reasoning skills.

You can buy GMAT books from prominent books shops or refer to these types of books in the library. There are also online GMAT guides which will help you during the time of exam preparation. Thousands of students from all over the world visit online websites and download free or paid GMAT guides and mock tests.

An MBA Degree from reputed colleges can be a life changer

Working professionals that have completed three or four years in service organizations and aiming to climb the corporate ladder quickly to reach top positions should complete one of the MBA programmes that are offered by premium colleges of London.

It is worth mentioning that a Master’s of Business Administration degree from reputed colleges does not only empower students, but it also transforms their lives completely. One can quit their present job or ask for higher salary packages and perks or get promotion immediately when they earn their Master’s Degree from a top-ranked college.

Those employed in an office, industrial or engineering companies can also do online MBA course from one of the reputed colleges in London. Plenty of people who are working in white-collared jobs choose distance learning programmes offered by international business schools and earn their MBA Degree within a year.

Students should not select the college hastily and suffer at the later stage. Some of the selection criteria that you should consider while searching for the best MBA course include:

  • Check whether the colleges come under the top business schools.
  • Check whether the colleges offer a course in International Master of Business Administration.
  • Check whether the institute is a global business school which is affiliated to universities like Buckinghamshire New University.
  • Check whether the educational institute is getting financial support and guidance from government authorities and universities.

London is a cosmopolitan city which houses lots of green areas, expansive shopping malls and commercial centres. Students can enjoy their outings with their friends and spend their moments happily. There are also the biggest libraries in the city where students can become lifetime members and take reference books for study purposes.

Students can also learn soft skills, leadership skills, communication and life skills when they study in reputed colleges. They will also have international exposure since they will get an opportunity to mingle with hundreds of international students. Citizens living in London do not follow the mundane lifestyle and actively take part in various cultural activities.

During your studies you can stay in dormitories, shared apartments, hostels and guest houses and lead a comfortable and peaceful life in this city. London is also a safe and secure place for the student community and police authorities will be vigilantly watching all the activities that take place in the city round the clock. Students can go on vacation, tours and field trips and keep themselves engaged during weekends or holidays.

London Heathrow airport, which is one of the biggest airports in the world sees millions of passengers throughout the year. Management students can fly to their home countries at any point in time after booking their air tickets well-in-advance and come back to London after a short stay in their hometown.

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