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What is a good degree to pair with an accounting degree?

Students who complete their Accounting Degree can become accountants

Studying abroad is gaining momentum after the introduction of new courses like Advanced Accounting Degree, IT, Supply Chain Management, Hospitality, Nursing and Logistics Management courses. Students from all over the world choose to study in the UK, especially in the city of London, since it has lots of reputed colleges which offer best courses such as Accounting Degree.

Those who are already pursuing their Accounting Degree in reputed management schools may wonder which the best degree to pair with accountancy may be. This question needs a detailed and exhaustive explanation. There are many courses which can be paired with Accountancy, and some of them are

  • Accountancy and Finance
  • Accountancy and Statistics
  • Accountancy and CPA

If you are aiming at becoming a financial analyst or chartered accountant in the future, it is wise to choose an Accounting and Finance course, as the career scope is good. After obtaining the degree, you can be employed as an officer or trainee officer in banks, financial institutions, mortgage firms, consultancies and other such companies.

You will get a better insight when you explore the case studies that are related to business, accounting, finance and management. Career scopes are widening steadily for the students who finish Accounting Degree courses at well-established colleges. You can quickly find some of the best colleges in London that offer Accounting and Finance courses when you search an online college directory.

Those who already have a ten or fifteen years of experience in the service industry will be able to sharpen their accounting and finance skills when they choose EMBA programmes.

Check also, whether the college offers BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance and has partnered with an esteemed university, such as Buckinghamshire New University, for example. You should check the affiliations carefully before choosing a course. If you do online and offline research and survey, you can quickly find some of the best colleges which offer the full-time and part-time courses in BA (Hons) in accounting and finance.

At the first glance accounting and finance may seem the same courses. They are different, however, and students will specialize in both these subjects when they choose BA (Hons). Accounting is nothing but bookkeeping, wherein an accountant has to post the day-to-day expenses and income in various accountancy books like Profit and Loss Account, Ledgers, Journals, Trial Balance and Balance sheet.

Why is accounting degree becoming a popular choice?

Students come to London always look for colleges that offer BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance, since these types of professional courses sharpen their accounting and managerial skills to a great extent.

You will also gain mastery in verbal communication, group discussions, oratory, stage management, interpersonal and leadership skills. Studying in a multinational environment, you will be exposed to different cultures, learn their habits, and be able to build social networking with others. You will also get an opportunity to learn different foreign languages like French, German or Spanish. Faculties working in prominent colleges will regularly conduct international seminars and conferences to motivate the students even more. You can also take part in the student exchange program and visit foreign countries which will help you in various ways.

For the management accountants who have scored distinction and above there are plenty of employment opportunities in branded companies. You can start as a probationary accountant and learn the art of bookkeeping, managing accounting software, meeting people. Banks and other financial institutions which operate in London offer best pay packages to the best accounting graduates.

Some of the subjects that you will learn when you choose an Accounting Degree programme are listed below:

  • Basic and advanced theories and practices of bookkeeping, fund and cash flow statements, management and financial accounting and reconciliation systems.
  • Business law and economics
  • Banking regulations and investment portfolio
  • Auditing and financial markets

You will get all the information about accounting and finance degree when you download the prospectus and brochures from the colleges’ official websites.

If you want to gain entry into an undergraduate degree programme, you should satisfy specific entry requirements , such as:

  • Minimum 50% in all the subjects
  • Minimum 35 points in international baccalaureate
  • 6.5 or above score in IELTS and
  • Should have studied accountancy, business maths and economics in HSC or equivalents.

Government departments, global business conglomerates and public sector banks are also recruiting graduates who are proficient in accounting and bookkeeping. You will start seeing the positive and brighter side of life when you complete your degree course in Accounting and Finance.

Well-known colleges in England respect the emotions and feelings of the students and guide them professionally till they get degree certificates. You can prosper and progress in the field of accountancy only when you study professional accountancy course from one of the reputed colleges of London.

Enrol for an Accounting Degree course without hesitation and learn useful subjects like risk management, business mathematics, business law, economics and all other exciting topics from qualified and knowledgeable professors.

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