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5 Ways to Kill Your Ecommerce Conversions

It is easy to win but it is difficult to learn from failure and then win. The same applies to the ecommerce web development. There lies a number of ways which will tell you about what to do to increase the ecommerce conversions rates of your good ecommerce website and make it more appealing. But the thing which is important is to know about what can make your ecommerce store to fail so that you take care of it in advance.

The best ecommerce website or the best ecommerce design is not the one who has high ecommerce conversions rates, but it is the one which has the capability to be overcome the factors which can kill its conversion rates. Here we will discuss these factors that are responsible for killing your ecommerce store.

The Slow Site Speed – Ecommerce Conversions

Imagine that you are using any basic website may be social media or blog and it is taking a lot of time in getting loaded. What will you feel if you are stuck in such kind of situation? You will be quite frustrated and will wish to kill the page, right… The same happens with the customers of your ecommerce website. If you will ignore the speed then the customers will definitely ignore you. Statistics reports speak that

  • The sites which take three seconds or more in getting loaded are boycotted by more than 40% of the shoppers.
  • This means that your ecommerce design may lose up to 40% of its customers if it is slow at loading.
  • Apart from this about 52% of customers believe that if a site is fast then it is considered to be trusted.

Hence, with the speed you can either win the hearts of more than half of the customers or may get faint somewhere in the midst by losing the attention of a half of the customers. Hence, your speed may kill your ecommerce website UK, so take care of it and adapt the fastest possible speed for your ecommerce site.

The Irritating Captchas

Never use captchas with your ecommerce design. For customers, it is highly irritating and unprofessional. It will do nothing rather than harming your best ecommerce site.

Ignore the use of captchas till a maximum extent. It is found out that almost 63% of customers switch to different websites due to the irritating captcha interrupting again and again.

So, avoid the use of captchas and make its minimum use of saving your ecommerce website UK from getting killed in the highly competitive market.

Meaningless Headlines

Like for reading a newspaper we read the headlines first and then decide our choice, the same works for the best ecommerce conversions site. You may not give any attention to the headlines of each and every page of your ecommerce website UK, but your customers are paying attention to each of it and are getting influenced by it.

  • Bulky, meaningless and illogical headlines where plays a role in killing your website whereas,
  • Smart, logical and informative headlines boost up its productivity.
  • It is proved that more than 75% of customers don’t really scroll the page and make their decision just by seeing the headlines and top information.

Hence, it is necessary to have good informative headlines to grab all that 75% of customers and even more.

The Slow Responses

The world is growing at a faster pace and in this fast growing world, everyone wants everything to be done at the fastest speed. Everyone wishes for the quickest responses. And if your ecommerce website UK is unresponsive, then you are definitely in a big trouble as your ecommerce design is going to die soon. No one likes to wait in this digital world.

  • Fast and quick responses are very important for any ecommerce conversionssite to grow.
  • On mobiles and tablets also it is very essential that your ecommerce site should achieve fast and quick responsiveness.
  • Statistics reports say that for a website when they switched to responsiveness the count of their customers got increased from 2 to 44, which is about 2100% increase.

This sounds great and if even you want to have it then remove the unresponsiveness and make your ecommerce designs the best ecommerce website by making it highly responsive and quick.

Poor Photography

Visual aid is the best way to fascinate someone. The same applies to your ecommerce design. For better productivity charming and charismatic photographs of products are very important. What customers see online is the

  • Image of the product not the actual product
  • Image should be highly appealing.

Believe it or not but it is true that more than 80% of online shoppers get attracted towards the product through its photograph. Hence, get the best product images associated with your eCommerce website, so that you get selected by that 80% and save your store from being killed.

Saving Your Ecommerce Store From Being Killed

The productivity and life of your Best ecommerce store are completely in your hands. All you need to do is save it by analyzing the negative sides and providing with the best solutions. So, analyze it completely. Search for the deficiencies and failure factors. Find out solutions for overcoming those factors and increase the life of your ecommerce store by increasing the number of users and its productivity. All The Best!!

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