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Choosing right college for top up degree UK? Everything you need to know

If you have an existing Foundation degree or HND, and you’re looking for a way to step up to Bachelors degree level, a top up degree is the answer. Top up degrees are a great study option designed to help people just like you, who already hold particular qualifications and are ready for the next level. The top-up degree is the perfect way to keep climbing the academic ladder without the need to commit to full-time study and the three years required for BA or BSc programme.

Study top up degree UK?

A top up degree is the equivalent of a final year (Level H) in a BA (Hons) top up degree business management, or BSc (Hons) degree, perfect for students who already spent two years completing a Higher National Diploma (HND), a two-year Foundation degree, or any equivalent qualification.

UK top up degrees offer students a wonderful, time-saving option that enables them to continue learning up to the Honours level, without the need to start from scratch on a three-year Honours programme.

How long does a top up degree take?

If you are studying full-time, a top up degree will usually take a year to complete. Some can take up to eighteen months, and some can be completed in only nine months. They are very flexible and depend on your personal circumstances. If you choose to study full-time, you should finish with twelve months, but those studying part-time can take up to two years to complete the course.

If you have family or work commitments, learning part-time is the perfect option. You will still attain your Honours level degree in a fraction of the time it would have taken to complete a full three-year course.

Why choose a top up degree UK?

With a top up degree, you will have better prospects. By upgrading your existing qualification to full Honours level, you demonstrate that you have advanced academic skills, that you are organised, and that you are both invested in your own success and highly driven. A top up degree UK can aid your climb up the career ladder and, by extension, boost your income.

Employers aren’t the only ones who will be impressed with your advancement. The chance to gain a deeper, more advanced understanding of your speciality is extremely fulfilling. The learning experience is enjoyable and incredibly rewarding, leaving you with a great deal of satisfaction and greater confidence in your abilities and knowledge.

Holding an Honours level degree also opens new doors for you. In addition to enhancing your skills and knowledge base, you’ll meet a lot of new people, including students, tutors, professors, and other experts. These people will offer you support and encouragement throughout your learning, but they also offer opportunities beyond the end of your degree. Postgraduate studies and the chance to work in a totally new environment, or even abroad, can all start in the classroom.

Overall a top up degree UK is an excellent move, both personally and professionally – what are you waiting for? At Mont Rose College in Ilford, we offer top up courses in accountingbusiness management.

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