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The benefits of studying a business analytics degree

For those wishing to pursue a career in business, a business analytics degree may be thought of as somewhat irrelevant as it is easy to believe that most skills can be learned practically on the job. Yet, a business management degree can equip you with skills that won’t be learnt in the workplace and allows you to get one step closer to achieving your dream role.

Here are 5 benefits of why you should study a business analytics degree

1. Learning theory

Unlike delving straight into a job after college, undertaking a business analytics degree means you are learning important theory skills to allow you to succeed in the workplace. It is all about technique; therefore, if you haven’t learned the basic methods of business, you may struggle .

2. Modules

The great thing about studying for a business degree is that the variety of modules enable students to think broadly about their interests. There are so many avenues within business so knowing which route to choose early on is highly beneficial. This way, students can tailor their ambitions around which modules are of most interest to them and already have experience of which options they’d like to pursue in future.

3. Good prospects

Having a business analytics degree under your belt is a real draw for employers. Knowing that you have studied hard to get where you are shows commitment, initiative and intelligence, standing you in good stead to find a suitable job upon graduating.

4. Transferable skills

While studying for a business degree, you will learn a number of skills that are transferable to a range of different situations, departments and sectors. Skills you may learn within your degree, through both theory and practical work, may include communication, mathematical accuracy, decision-making and teamwork. These skills are highly sought after by many employers.

5. Transferable jobs

Should you eventually decide that a career in business isn’t right for you, your business degree will help to open many other doors, meaning there are plenty of other career options to choose from. Typical careers in business may include finance and accounting; however, your skills can also be transferred to retail, administration, marketing and human resource management jobs.

As well as business degrees, we offer programmes in accounting, finance, law, hospitality and teaching at Mont Rose College in London. For further information, please contact us online or call us on 020 8556 5009.

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