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4 key ingredients that make a successful law student

If you like the sound of being a law student and pursuing a long-term career in the legal profession, it’s important that you understand what’s required from you both as a person and a student to succeed.

Studying law does not simply require outstanding academic skills, students are required to be well-rounded individuals with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to understand what’s going on in the world today.

If you’re still undecided whether a career in law is right for you, read on to discover four of the most important attributes that can transform and mould a budding lawyer into a qualified professional.

Law Student should be prepared for reading – and lots of it!

There are no two ways about it, the law student has to spend a lot of time reading, simply to understand the laws and regulations they are being taught in the classroom, as well as the professional opinions of fellow academics. The ability to conduct research quickly and efficiently both on the library bookshelves and on the internet will be a huge advantage to you.

A strong communicator

Although a large chunk of any law degree is graded on written coursework and formal examinations, it’s also extremely important that you’re a comfortable communicator face-to-face too. Looking ahead to when you’re qualified, you’ll be working in close quarters with clients on a daily basis, so it’s important you can be as persuasive and opinionated in person as you are on A4 lined paper.

A fundamental commercial awareness

As a professional, qualified lawyer you will be relied upon to have a firm understanding of rules and legislation. In the 21st century, so much of the legal profession is centred around commerce and it is essential that you have a firm handle on the goings-on in the commercial world both on a national and global scale. Your clients will simply expect you to have a thorough understanding of how a business runs as a matter of course too.

Comfortable learning and working independently

There will be times throughout your course, most definitely during your degree final year, where law student will be having to work to multiple deadlines at the same time. It takes great dedication and maturity to be able to move yourself out of social situations – perhaps with your housemates or friends – to allow yourself the headspace to study and use your time effectively.

As with most university courses, studying law will always have its high and low points. There will be times when you doubt your ability, but providing you have the aptitude and desire to put in the hours of study necessary to succeed, you will build the foundations for an immensely rewarding career in the legal.

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