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11 Key Business Management Skills Employers Look For!

Business Management programme is perfect for someone looking to get a better understanding of what it takes to flourish in the business world—by pursuing a career in business-related fields at the graduate level or want to expand their expertise within their existing careers. It is also great for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to know and explore about running a business from a marketing, management and financial point of view.

Business management exists at a variety of levels— each contributing to the overall business operation. From admin management through project management to business process management and more, it involves many managers to run and optimise a successful business. Some are more practical than others, but all take a managerial role over everyday operation and the workforce similarly. A job in business management comes with extreme responsibility, with equally excellent rewards for those who make the status.

Key duties in the business management field vary from one role to the next, but may include:

  • Developing business plans and budgeting
  • Analyzing costs, revenues, financial risks and opportunities
  • Recruiting, training and deploying team members
  • Handling workforce behaviour and performance
  • Playing an important role in customer relations and PR
  • Identifying investment or growth opportunities
  • Keeping an eye on customer service, sales and marketing
  • Reporting directly to company executive and owners.

Enrol for the best management course and develop your career as an ethically and socially engaged, globally connected professional who is resilient, enterprising, creative, and innovative.

11 Business Management Skills Every Business Manager Must Have

In today’s competitive market, employers look for some specific set of skills while hiring their business management team. They search for more potential, more expertise, and more business management abilities and skills.

Business management is more than just telling employees what to do. Managers need to understand business finance, organization and communication, as well as have a detailed understanding of their specific market and relevant policies and technologies. While managers are not probably the chief people in the organization, their work is important to ensure everyone else team up impeccably.

Pursuing a Business and Management Degree from a top and accredited college, you will get the opportunity to learn important business management skills. To impress employers and climb up the career ladder in the business world, you need to have following must-have business management skills for a successful career:

Business Management Skills.jpg


Working in management roles is all about people, and building successful relationships is essential. In order to lead a team, you first need to earn the credibility and respect of your colleagues, and to get it you must know how to deal with people effectively. It will let managers become good leaders and motivate employees for superior accomplishments. Also, they will assist them to make more efficient use of human potential in the organization. Interpersonal management skills are crucial for all the different hierarchical levels in the organization.


Leadership skill is the most important skill required in the business management field. Business management is much more than simply administration, and taking timely and effective decision forms a key part of leadership. Being ahead, you need to collect relevant information, consider options and set a suitable course of action. Taking the right decision at the right time is essential and a key high caliber of every business management professionals. Moreover, while coming to any decision, managers need to balance the organization’s short-term and long-term interests.


A good leader must master every type of communication including listening, written, and verbal skills. As a team manager, you will be in the line of communication between senior management and frontline staff; you will have to communicate with different people from CEOs to heads of departments and entry-level employees in a number of different ways, including one-to-ones and meetings, in presentations and over the phone, social media and emails. Being a manager, you must develop a trusting relationship with your employees so that they don’t hesitate to approach you and vice-versa. If people are a product of their environment, an encouraging, optimistic workplace creates motivated, happy employees.

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

Solving problems is a big and key part of being successful in business management industry. It is important to solve employee’s issues and customer’s problems. When studying at a reputable business school, you will develop strong problem-solving skills and strategies to come up with efficient solutions. This includes understanding the problem and its reasons, and then identifying possible solutions. Further, you need to prioritize possible solutions and come up with one that is the best. In business, problem solving may require good law or finance knowledge, and this knowledge can be achieved from Business Management courses.

Business Management.jpg

Creative thinking will help you come up with ground-breaking solutions that curtail the impact not only on your team but also the business as a whole. Thinking on your feet also turns to be helpful when making an on the spot decision about how to meet a business objective or productively complete a task.

Managing Diversity

Today managers have to undergo different situations and issues that crop from the geographical and ethnic diversity of staff members. Different organizations have different work patterns. A successful business manager has to, therefore, take care of these that are usually quite difficult to handle. Some policies can be offered to encourage engagement and reward employees for their outstanding performance.

Managing Opposite Priorities

With fewer staff and tight finances, managers today are finding it quite tricky to balance contradictory priorities. Variance between the business operations and management are usual across all industry verticals and managers have to control them. So it is important to effectively balance such priorities.

Commercial Knowledge and Awareness

In today’s competitive business market, this skill is in high demand among organisation employers. In fact, commercial awareness is something which most of the graduates applying for management roles do not have.

If you want to make a successful career in management level, it is extremely important to have a sound understanding of the marketplace in which a business works and of what turns a business flourishing.

When studying business management course at MRC, you will:

  • Have a strong understanding of the industry that the organization belongs to
  • Get aware of the organization’s aims and mission
  • Have knowledge of economic and political issues influencing the organization and business

Upholding Personal Integrity

Personal integrity is imperative to keep the trust and respect of your staff and colleagues. A manager should strictly adhere to some set of ethics. Sometimes managers are usually brazen out with moral and legal choices to handle with a business issue. A principled choice is what they need to make.

Strategic Thinking and Forward Thinking

It is a job of the manager to think of the big picture, focus on everyday task and responsibilities needed to plan for the future. This means setting priorities along the lines of reviewing policies and systems, company aims, and managing the overall activities of your team and attending training. As a strategic thinker, you will promote innovation and revolution to make your organization and team as a whole more profitable and productive.


Being business-focused decision makers, business managers should also play a supportive role in the organization. When you reach the senior management level, you have attained the skills, knowledge and work experience, now it’s your responsibility to share your knowledge and skills with others. This involves advising and training staff, developing their skills and confidence. In a management position, you are responsible for supervising the constant professional development of all employees and will be the motivating force behind the development of team members.

Learning New Skills

Managers in the big companies are often offered training programs and business management projects to hone their skills. To be ahead in today’s competitive business world, you need to perfect your skills constantly. From your experience, discover new ways to handle the situation. Even after mastering existing responsibilities, you have to learn and grow.

It’s not possible to learn all the skills essential for a job before stepping your foot in your professional career. But still, today almost all the organizations and businesses look for various business management skills and knowledge among job candidates. Remember, a good and successful manager is great in interpersonal and relationship developing skills. They have to keep their staff motivated and productive at all times. They have to work closely with teams, assign them regular work and make sure that they get well-trained for the job. As a manager and part of business management team, you need to be approachable, diplomatic, compassionate, and above all, have brilliant communication skills for listening to and satisfying your staff.

How MRC Can Help You Gain Business Management Skills and Fast-track Your Career?

Help You Gain Business Management Skills and Fast-track Your Career

If you are looking for a way to get ahead in your career, Mont Rose College offers a highly effectual way to learn, grow and find rewarding opportunities. Whether you have a passion for finance or interest in human resources; a natural talent for marketing or a head for business administration – taking a course at MRC opens up the door in ways that you could only start to imagine.

As a Level 6 qualification, a course such as the BA (Hons) Business ManagementBA Business Management with Foundation Year and Top up in Business Management from Mont Rose College provides you with an overview of business management theory and practice too. Studying at MRC, you will gain important entrepreneurial skills. Careers are not just limited to working for other people either. You can build your own path by starting your own business, equipped with essential skills that are learned through meticulously selected courses designed to encourage self-starters. Accounting, finance, marketing, HR, business management and many other aspects of the business can be perfected through a variety of courses.

During your course, you will broaden your horizons and perfect your skills which will help for your career growth. At MRC, you will learn new things, meet new people, gain confidence, push your boundaries, know yourself more, and gain soft and hard skills that will help you become a highly valuable employable asset.

Chartered Management Institute is the only professional body in the UK to award chartered manager status. It aims at supporting and promoting its members’ development in the industry. To get the membership, students need to study a relevant degree at any level, and be adept to prove a drive to succeed in the management.

Depending on your pathway and the optional modules from the mentioned modules listed, we have several professional opportunities for further international business and management sector qualifications. Upon graduating from the Business Management programme, one has an opportunity to shape the world of management in both private and public sectors.

Taking the Next Step— Choosing Business and Management Degree

A recognized qualification from a reputable college (part-time or full-time) can make all the difference, whether seeking your first professional job or looking to advance it. Hands-on experience counts for a lot, but the stronger your academic foundation, the better the position you will be in climbing the corporate ladder. Mont Rose College is proud to offer a wide ranging collection of top-notch business management degree programs, covering business at all the levels.

No matter which you choose to pursue, a degree in business management will equip you to endure the challenges of a fast-shifting, technology-driven business world. You will develop the leadership skills, collaborative approach and business savvy that will prepare you to get success in every corner of the economy— from green business to government, healthcare to human resources.

Whether you decide to go for a BA Business Management or try Top up in Business Management that offers you a competitive edge, studying at Mont Rose College is a game-changing, life-changing experience.

Ready to get started and fast-track your career? Start exploring your career options at Mont Rose College.

Please note that entry requirements at Mont Rose College vary, depending on the course and the stage or level at which a student is enrolling. Each course offered at MRC has its own academic entry requirements, including the level of English language proficiency. Contact us to know more about the entry requirements for business management courses, tuition fees and what the student life at MRC is like!

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