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Undergraduate Degree: Why Pursue in the UK?

If you are applying to a university for the first time, the probabilities are you are snowed under lots of information and advice relating to the various courses and degrees. It can be overwhelming, but Mont Rose College has the answers you need to unlock your potential.

The United Kingdom may be a small country, but when it comes to international students, its appeal is outsized. The UK is home to some of the best universities in the world.

Studying in one of the best universities in the UK is a brilliant way to expand your knowledge, enjoy new experiences, meet new people and experience a complete new culture. You will get enough support at university, and an opportunity to an extraordinary student lifestyle. Whatever is your liking or interests, there is a wide range of outstanding clubs and societies, and a vibrant social life on offer.

The benefits:

UK Degrees and Universities Are Internationally Recognized

UK higher education and qualifications have a noteworthy international reputation and the UK degree is well-recognized by top employers, global universities and government bodies, generating higher opportunities to get employed with elite companies.

You Will Get Top-Quality Education

Today, most countries are following the UK’s education system because its quality is considered as the finest in the world. UK universities are examined often by QAA to access the standards of research, learning and teaching and ensure that set benchmarks are fulfilled.

You Can Experience Unique Culture

The superlative cultural variety of life in the UK delivers you the opportunity to experience a multicultural environment, meet new people from across the world and build a range of skills that are essential to be part of today’s international workforce.

Opportunities Offered By the UK Education System

Opportunities Offered By the UK Education System

The Education system in the UK offers a broad choice of the best bachelor degrees and universities for you. Also, compared to other countries, the UK education system offers shorter duration of courses, thus reducing accommodation costs and overall tuition fees. The English language support is provided to help you build strong language skills, as it has critical importance in the international digital arena and enhances employment opportunities. Universities in the United Kingdom promote close student-teacher communication with a provision of incorporating different subjects into a single course.

You Can Get Financial Support

Most of the universities and colleges in the UK offer merit-based scholarship programs and student funding opportunities to the EU students to support tuition fees and cost of living.

You Don’t Need GRE

The UK university admissions procedure for undergraduate courses does not require the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) score for admission. You only need reference letters, GPA (Grade Point Average), and a personal statement— simple!

UK Degrees and Courses Impress International Employers

In general, international employers will be impressed with a candidate who has studied abroad, especially at a recognized UK university. Not only the academic standards are of high prestige and value, your experiences abroad will prove that you are open-minded, independent, flexible and ready for any challenge!

The UK is a Great Place to Live and Study

The UK consists of England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Each country has different regions, offering big sophisticated cities, towns, and countryside villages. The UK incorporates multicultural society, with a prosperous diversity of faiths, languages and cultures. You can enjoy the widely varied cuisine, popular music festivals and concerts, strong and convenient transport links, and international sporting championships.

UK Undergraduate Courses Are Apt for Goal-Oriented Students

The United Kingdom is the best fit for students who know what they want to study and make their career in. While pursuing an undergraduate degree course at a UK University, students have to take a deep dive into their subject from the beginning. They take admission to the UK’s best university with a passion for a specific subject and spend their entire focus on it while completing their undergraduate course.

You Can Finish Your Degree Course Faster

It doesn’t take ages to complete your education. A 3-year Bachelor’s Degree and 1-year Master’s Degree course lets you get straight to the point, requiring you to take only those courses which get you on to your major. Undoubtedly, higher education is quite expensive, but tuition fees are comparatively lower in the UK than in other countries. Students can save a year’s worth of tuition. Less time means less money, but you will walk off with a valued degree from a renowned university that is flexible across the world.

You Can Expect a Common Application System

Similar to domestic students, international students can apply through the UK’s UCAS, Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. Before applying to any university, prospective students should go through the university’s or college’s website to know the requirements for their preferred course.

You Can Work While Studying

International students who are pursuing full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degree course from a well-known university are allowed to work as per convenience and some norms.

You Will Get an International Experience

The United Kingdom is more globally connected than other countries because there are many people from different parts of the world. Studying in the UK is like a train ride away from different countries.

How to Choose The Right Undergraduate Degree Course For You?

How to Choose The Right Undergraduate Degree Course For You

Choosing the right course is all about passion— your passion for your course, and for a better future career. Because the key secret to happiness is being able to adore whatever you do in your life. And what does this all have to do with selecting the right and best course for you? It all starts here. Look for the right degree course, at the right college or university, and you will be motivated to succeed.

When considering which undergraduate degree is right for you, it is extremely important to choose a course you are interested in, you will enjoy studying and will eventually help you attain your goals. Here are a few things that are worth considering before deciding on the degree course

  • Most important: think about your career goals and the qualifications needed as part of a person specification.
  • Think about what you like doing— maybe this will help you decide on your future job role.
  • Explore different career options and job sites to get ideas on what you would like doing after completion of your studies.

Undergraduate Degrees Offered at Mont Rose College in Partnership with Buckinghamshire New University—


Our BSc Accounting and Finance prepares you for a career in accountancy or the financial sector and provides you a sound understanding of core business principles and practice. You’ll get an in-detail understanding and knowledge of how accounting and finance aptly fit into the broader context of business and management. The course gives you level-headed theoretical foundations, to use this knowledge into real-world commercial situations.


This course provides the academic skills and professional qualifications needed to pursue a career in a wide range of fields. This business management programme is perfect for students who desire to work on client briefs and work experience projects while studying important business management skills. Combining meticulous academic study with practical operational and social skills, our BA Business Management will provide you with an all-embracing understanding of core business issues.


The BA business management with foundation year focuses on developing students’ understanding and skills of the principles of how businesses work, succeed and grow. This degree course offers a wide scope of knowledge with the flexibility to specialise further in the course. The foundation year of the degree course provides people with unusual entry qualifications an encouraging and systematic academic training for successful degree level study in the top Management School. The foundation year to this degree is thoroughly planned and designed to foster your confidence in your skills, develop essential academic and study new skills, and give the subject-specific knowledge required for success.


This degree course is a natural choice for students considering a career as a lawyer, solicitor, barrister, judge, chartered legal executive or paralegal. This course covers the core aspects of legal theory and practice at the degree level. It prepares graduates with the skills and knowledge required for an entry-level position in a diverse range of areas demanding a law qualification.

How to Choose the Right University for Your Undergraduate Courses?

The first question you need to ask yourself— “Where would I like to live and study for the next few years?” Studying is a great opportunity to learn a new culture and new language, meet like-minded people, make new friends and experience a complete new, different way of life. Remember: if you are happy in your life, you will definitely be happy in your study!

There are thousands of universities to choose from, but there are a few things to consider and narrow down your options—

  1. Research online and look for the detailed information available on the university’s website.
  2. Check if the university offers the right degree course options and flexibility for you
  3. Consider the course structure and find out how you will be taught and assessed.
  4. Think about your career prospects
  5. Find out the course tuition fees and accommodation costs and standards.
  6. It is always worth visiting universities and colleges. Go to open days. It’s a good opportunity to meet the course tutors, understand the facilities, and explore the area.
  7. Consider where the university is located and the type of accommodation it offers. How posh is the area? What are the amenities and facilities are availed at the campus?

UK degree courses are very focused from day one, letting undergraduate students concentrate on their selected subject or course. Make sure you read all the course descriptions and details thoroughly and browse the university’s website for information. We can help you choose the right undergraduate degree for you!

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