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Rolex Explorer II— A Watch for True Explorers!

Rolex Explorer II— Perfect First Luxury Watch To Start Your Collection With

Calling all volcanologists, mountain climbers, speleologists and explorers of the poles— this is an essential piece of equipment for you. The first Rolex Explorer is the thing of history and Edmund Hillary took it with him on his marathon 1953 hike up Mount Everest. Launched in the year 1953, the Explorer watches were especially designed to celebrate a man’s successful invasion of the world’s highest peak and a true essence of a dependable device for rugged explorers.

In its effort to perfect the ultimate tool watch for explorers, Rolex released a fitting follow-up, the Rolex Explorer II in 1971— a more advanced version of the original designed to meet the needs of explorers and adventurers. With a pristine 42mm case size, finer luminescence and enlarged hands, the Explorer II come with an outsized orange GMT hand that points out home or reference time on the 24 hours bezel, a useful function for explorers who might hit upon places on Earth where the sun never sets or in a dark cave.

Rolex watches are made for design modernization; they are recognized for excellent craftsmanship and are exceptionally elegant and expressed. Well-known for high quality built and a number of exceptional features, Rolex watches speak for themselves. Rolex Explorer II Ref 16570  is a significant invention in the watch innovation segment. It is a sign of better robustness, agility and reliability.

Rolex uses 904L stainless steel for its steel watch  cases which are popularly used for high-end applications and functions across aerospace, chemical and high-technology industries. It is extremely resistant to corrosion. Other than its resistance quality, Rolex has Paraflex shock absorbers which increase shock resistance by up to 50%, thus giving the owner full peace of mind even if the watch gets dropped. The Explorer II is featured for calibre 3187, a self-winding mechanical movement designed and developed by Rolex. A scratch-proof sapphire crystal gives watch clear look. These are a few reasons that make Rolex Explorer truly unique. The entire Rolex Explorer ii 16570 watch design is highly pioneering, and it truly caters to the growing needs of audiences. Rolex watches are made for a design novelty and the way they get recognition is proof of the high-quality, classy products.

Rolex Explorer II— A Must for Explorers and Travellers

The inception of the Explorer indicated the brand’s invasion into mechanized, modern tool watches. Rolex Explorer ii underwent an extensive and thorough aesthetic and technical makeover for its 40th anniversary in 2011. One of the more clear improvements is the enlargement of the case which was originally 40mm, but now the new case measures 42mm in diameter. The key intention behind this modification was to make the dial more legible and clear. Other features like the hours hands were too enlarged for better visibility.

The signature feature of the Rolex Explorer II New  is definitely its orange coloured 24-hour hand with end pointed-arrow tip, seamlessly mirroring the original 1971’s Explorer II. Other key features include the additional display of 24 hours of the day with a dedicated hand which goes around the white dial in 24-hours instead of 12. The hand points of this Rolex watch has a fixed bezel well-engraved with 24-hour graduations. This unique function of explorer ii 16570 lets the wearer to easily differentiate the hours of the day from the night. This feature is extremely useful in places where darkness is more common than light, for example— polar regions or jungles. This unique feature also lets the independent 12-hour hand give a second time zone for the wearer.

Elegant yet sturdy, the Rolex Explorer II is the perfect companion and tool for explorers. It can be easily and moreover, extremely helpful for its wearers even on the most challenging outings, from the top of Mount Everest to the bottom of the ocean. This Rolex watch was specially invented for extreme challenges. The original Paraflex shock absorbers and Parachrom hairspring will ensure better precision and shock resistance even in the toughest environments.

Should I Buy New or Pre-Owned Rolex Explorer II?

For the average watch buyers, buying a Rolex watch is like choosing your favourite Ferrari. Most watch collectors avoid buying new watches and the reason behind this is quite straightforward and simple. Buying a brand new watch, makes you lose approximately 30-50% value of the watch you buy. Choosing to buy a pre-owned Rolex Explorer II is great, because by using the right tools (websites) and doing your homework before purchasing can make you a good ‘stock trader’.

Buying Rolex means saving (since it is a kind of investment). The explorer ii sits at the more affordable end of the Rolex sports watchscale. Rolex explorer ii has always been the odd one between its closest sibling Rolex GMT Master II 16750 and Rolex Submariner 16610. It is a perfect fusion, combining the beauty of two worlds together. If you are thinking “what is the difference between Rolex GMT Master II and Rolex Explorer II?”, then the answer is Explorer II has a fixed, smooth-edged bezel made from 904L stainless steel, while the GMT-Master II has a beefier, bright bezel with a notched edge, quite similar to Submariner. The functionality of both the Rolex models is also very similar—both have the same movements and are water resistant to 100 meters.

The Rolex Explorer II 16570 ran amid the year 1989 and 2011, and was available in two different dials— original Explorer black or white dials. Explorer ii 16570 comes with 2 different movements— until 2006 calibre 3185 was used, and then onwards calibre 3186 was used. Explorer II 216570 was introduced in the 40th anniversary of the Explorer II in the year 2011 as its upgraded model.

Get Your Rolex Explorer II at Imperial Watch

If you are looking for a durable, yet classy watch that will go as far as you can go, the Rolex Explorer II Ref 16570 is a brilliant option. Rolex exclusively engineered and designed this watch to go “as far as courage allows.” If you are all set for the exploration of a lifetime, choose the Rolex Explorer II.

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