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Why You Should Buy a Luxury Watch?

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Luxury Watch

1. It creates opportunity

The first reason that I want to discuss and, for me, its one of the most important ones, believe it or not, is that it creates opportunity. And you wonder what does that mean?

I’ll give you an example. Let’s just say, you’re driving down a road of a fancy neighborhood and you happen to have, for some miraculous reason, some type of car trouble – whether your car is brand new or not, these things happen. And you also happen to have a dead battery on your phone.  

If you need to knock on the door of one of these fancy houses, chance are, if you have a luxury timepieces on your wrist, the door is going to open wide and you are going to get a phone in your hand. So its one of those things that I want to tell you, is that it gives you more opportunity because it changes the way people see you. 

2. Women Like Them

This is pretty self-explanatory because let’s just faced it. What type of women doesn’t like watches? Yes, there is that percentage that is not into it and like purses more than anything for themselves, but many women do like men with a nice wristwatch.

3.Investment Value

Because it’s proven that over time, buying the right watch at the right price, you will have your money there. It will remain the same or most of the times appreciate and at a worse case, minimal loss. 

4. It Enhances Your Style – and that goes for anything

If it’s just your outfit or just your overall look, a nice luxury wristwatch will always enhance your style and look. 

5. Get You more Respect

Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not talking about that I’ll make up for any shortcomings you might have in your life, but, if you’re going into a business meeting with a new potential client, a nice wristwatch. it doesn’t have to be an RM (Richard Mille), but any nice wristwatch, like the Submariner, will get you more respect. 

Buy a Luxury Watch

6. A Great Hobby

This is not for everybody, but it tends to be and it’s a Great Hobby. Let’s face it guys, watches are pretty cool. There is so much behind it and you can go deep into this. You can go from the low level watches all the way up to the ultra-luxury watch. There’s just a watch for everybody.

7. It’s a Topic of Conversation

Believe it or not, I have started many conversations because of a watch, both initiated by me or the other person. Trust me when I’m telling you – it’s a good topic of conversation.

8. It will Make You More Money

Its proven time and time again. Wearing a wristwatch will help you close deals because people will see you differently. It doesn’t apply to everybody’s job, but for most jobs that involve closing deals.

9. It’s a Status Symbol

For some people, it might not be important, but for many it is and it’s just another good reason to buy a luxury watch

10. It’s Art on Your Wrist

A wristwatch is a long-standing symbol of traditional craftsmanship. It’s something that shows a little bit of who you are and that you appreciate the finer things and the finely detailed and crafted stuff.

Those are my top ten reasons that every man should own a wristwatch, and although there’s a tremendous amount of them, and a million other reason why you should own one, these 10 stand out the most. 

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