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Rolex Explorer II— Built for Eternity

Rolex Explorer II— A Watch Meant, and Dedicated for Scientists and Explorers

The Rolex watch brand has retained its value through development of unique metals and materials, technical innovation, and a strong control over production, which is all prepared in-house.

The Rolex Explorer II is a member of Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual family. While designing the Explorer II, the manufacturer considered a particular group of scientists and explorers in mind. In 1971, when the Rolex Explorer II was introduced in 1971, it was a great tool for potholers. Devoting protracted hours in underground mazes without little or no sunlight can cause you to lose a judiciousness of whether it’s a day or night. Normal watches, whose hour hands doesn’t have the feature of differentiating between AM and PM, are useless and ineffective in such situations. This can be problematic in polar regions especially during the winter as well, as the dark and cloudy polar night can be mystifying.

And that’s where Rolex found a solution to solve this particular problem. The Rolex Explorer II boasts an additional hour-hand making one complete rotation a day and works along with a fixed 24-hour bezel. The Explorer model is enthused by Rolex’s decades of experience in the Himalayas. Another Rolex watch — the Rolex GMT-Master II also brags a second hour hand, but in combination with a rotating bezel. It’s rotating bezel makes GMT Master II more suitable and convenient for travelling across different time zones. However, since the extra hour hand can be fixed separately in both Rolex models, the Rolex Explorer II can also boast the time in different time zone.

This model demonstrates the deep relationship amid Rolex and exploration. Since the late 1920s, the Rolex brand has been using the world as a challenging ground for its watches even under the most hostile, challenging and extreme conditions. And that’s the key reason, Rolex watches are so precise, robust and reliable.

Rolex Explorer II— The Benchmark of Excellence

The Rolex Explorer II  was initially launched in the year 1971. Although it is definitely inspired by its precursor the original Rolex Explorer watch, it is exclusively its own. This model was designed and developed to be a strong, tough and highly sophisticated device cum tool for explores, from jungle to polar explorers and volcanologists to speleologists. To attain this great deed, the watch is particularly invented with exclusive features. These amazing features are best embodied in the 2011 revamp of the Rolex Explorer II watch, launched for the 40th anniversary of Rolex.

Rolex Explorer II History The Explorer II underwent an extensive and thorough aesthetic and technical remodeling for its 40th anniversary in 2011. One of the more noticeable and revolutions is the widening of the case. At first the case was of 40mm, but now the new case is 42mm in diameter. This expansion was intended at creating the dial more visible and clearer at a single look. Other unique features, like the hour hands, were also increased for clearer visibility. The signature feature of the new Rolex Explorer II is definitely its orange 24-hour hand having end arrow tip, seamlessly reflecting the original Explorer II from the year 1971. Other key features embrace the additional 24-hour display, that offers a devoted hand which completes rotating the dial in 24-hours and not in 12 hours. The hand points to a set bezel fixed with 24-hour marks. This specific function allows the wearer to effortlessly differentiate the hours of the day from that of the night. In places where dark is more normal than daylight, like the polar region, this feature is necessary, and also lets the independent 12-hour hand to show a different, second-time zone for the wearer. Even if you are not an explorer or scientist, Explorer II can give you stylish looks and persona. This Rolex model can go well with practically any type of clothing and style.

Rolex Explorer II Movement Elegant yet robust, the Rolex Explorer II is the perfect, useful tool and companion for scientists and explorers. It can certainly escort its wearers on the most challenging journeys, from the bottom of the ocean to the top of Mount Everest. This watch was particularly invented for demanding challenges. The original Paraflex shock absorbers and Parachrom hairspring will promise enhanced precision and shock resistance in even the toughest situations.

Rolex Explorer II— Its Unique Features

Rolex Explorer II is a real example of solid craftsmanship and is made using premium materials. Rolex is made using 904L stainless steel for all its steel watch cases. This material was only employed by high‑technology, chemical and aerospace industries. This steel is anti-corrosive and is similar to precious metals. So, you could be assured that your Rolex watch will never lose its shine even in the toughest weather!

The bracelet for the Rolex Explorer II is a perfect blend of aesthesis, design, and function. It is extremely comfortable to wear and is equipped with an Oysterlock folding clip, which helps in avoiding accidental opening. The elite Easylink comfort extension link, lets the watch wearer to smoothly enlarge the bracelet length by nearly 5 mm.

The dial of Explorer II is stunningly white, generally made by hand and has hour indications made from 18 carat gold to avoid dulling. These hour markers are impeccably bordered by glowing black gloss. The fixed bezel has 24-hour markings especially designed for explorers. If we talk about one of the Rolex’s current line-up that keeps most of the real essence of the vintage Rolexes that made us fall in love with the brand over 20 years ago, is undoubtedly the Rolex Explorer II White dial reference. 216570 a.k.a Polar. For us, the Rolex Explorer II white face not only provides improved readability but is also way finer than its black counterpart.

The Explorer II has the caliber 3187, a self-winding mechanical movement specifically designed and produced by Rolex. Besides the typical hour, minute and seconds hands, it highlights a 24-hour hand (which is bright orange) to show the 24-hour clock along with the flexibility to add a second time zone too.

With the Rolex Explorer II, Rolex focusses all the essential adventurers and those who appreciate reliable technology and sophisticatedly designed watches. The 3187 make use of the Rolex exclusive Paraflex shock absorbers and Parachrom hairspring, helping the watch to be virtually shockproof and a toughie in the severest conditions. Alike all other Rolex Perpetual movements, the caliber 3187 is an official Swiss chronometer, which makes the watch perfectly accurate.

Buy Rolex Explorer II at Imperial Time

If you are looking for an elegant, yet durable watch that will go as far as you can go, the new Rolex Explorer II new is an ideal option. Rolex purposely planned this timepiece to go “as far as courage allows”. Choose the Explorer II from Rolex’s collection to experience and get an adventure for the lifetime. Remarkable robustness and legendary design: the Rolex Explorer II are built for perpetuity.

The orange hand, precise GMT movement and robust steel case— the Explorer II can be counted among Rolex models with the utmost recognition factor. The Explorer II adores a great repute amongst adventurers and discoverers— just like them, this iconic Rolex watch is resolute, even under severe circumstances. The Explorer epitomizes as an endless drive for innovation. The watch stays true to terrific functionality and precision under the toughest of circumstances.

Imperial Watch recommended buying a Rolex Explorer II, because—

  • It has a date display with Cyclops lens
  • It boasts an additional 24-hour display
  • It displays a second time zone
  • It has a practical Oysterlock clip with the Easylink extension system
  • It is water resistant to 100 m along with a stainless steel case

Whether you want to buy pre-owned Rolex Explorer II or Rolex Explorer II new one, you can rely on Imperial Watch to make buy watch safely and confidently. We also have wide range of pre-owned watches from top watch brands.

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