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Rolex GMT Master II— An Iconic Rolex Timepiece

Rolex GMT Master II— A Classic with Ultramodern Technology

The Rolex GMT Master II is one of the most popular and famous luxury watches with GMT functionality— displaying multiple time zones. The GMT Master II is a reliable and robust tool watch. Its superfluous 24-hour hand helps in accessing a day/night or second time zone display. Its design means it is easy to read at a single glimpse. The GMT-Master II has a second hour hand, along with a rotatable 24-hour bezel. The rotating bezel introduced in this Rolex makes it more appropriate and convenient for travellers to access different time zones along with the local time display. The second-time zone watch democratized a timepiece function that detained rank in the halls of extraordinary watchmaking— the world-timer. It made keeping track of time across different continents accessible.

The Swiss watchmaker contributes a story of the GMT-Master with this ultimate automatic watch. For nearly 20 years, both models were existing, but at the turn of the millennium, Rolex stopped making the GMT-Master. In today’s time, it is counted as one of the most highly preferred collector’s watches when it comes to the Rolex— along with the Daytona and the Submariner. GMT-Masters can be specifically recognized by their rotating, bidirectional 24-hour bezel together with an additional hand, which completed one rotation in one day— that is, every 24 hours. The triangular-tipped hand portrays a different time zone with the assistance of the 24-hour scale on the bezel. Models having a bi-colour bezel shows whether it’s daytime or night time in the different time zone. The lighter half (blue or red) and the darker half (black or blue) represents day and night simultaneously.

Nowadays, GMT-Master— an expectational automatic watch is available in a number of different versions and models. The blue or red bezel is indicative of the Pepsi colours, receiving the label— the ‘Pepsi’ watch. Back in 1955 too, this colour combination was available when the first GMT-Master was introduced. ‘Pepsi watch’ is also popularly known as ‘Rolex Coke’ and is named after its red/black bezel.

Rolex GMT Master II— A Watch Ruling the Market with 21st Century Technology

Over the last 60 years, the designs of Rolex watches have remained largely unaffected. This consistency and dedication to custom and tradition are one of the key secrets behind their unparalleled success. Any modifications are negligible and only to small features. In 2007, GMT Master II was introduced with a sophisticated ceramic bezel. The old aluminium bezels were replaced with the ceramic bezel. And the reason behind this was the many advantages associated with the Ceramic, including— it is very hard, lightweight and scratch resistant. Markings and dials are cut into the materials and get an original gold or platinum dust coating, especially in Rolex GMT Master II Gold. Contact to know about the Rolex GMT Master II price.

During the initial stages of production, the ceramic bezel was only available in black, because the bicolour variants weren’t until then technologically viable. This reformed in the year 2013 when Rolex launched their blue/black model. Rolex applied an externally improved process for production. Before heating the bezel in the oven, engineers put in a chemical compound solution to the bezel partially, which leads that half bezel to turn blue through the firing process. A year later, for the first time, Rolex effectively made the red/blue ceramic bezel. Since this advanced material is UV-resistant, there’s no worry about the fading of colour over time.  

Rolex GMT Master II Incorporates Unique, In-House Calibre 3186

Rolex GMT Master II has an automatic calibre 3186. It has winding mechanical rotors that spring bidirectionally. The movement is positioned like all other Rolex sports models— at the rear a screw-down case back. It vibrates at approx. 28,800 alternations per hour and was originally designed with all the best Rolex knowledge and experience. The movement has a balance bridge, red anodized minute wheels and a free-sprung blue Paramchrom hairspring. Because of the Breguet overcoil, the hairspring can breathe better, leading to enhance accuracy. Also, it is manufactured by Rolex  using a paramagnetic alloy, creating impermeable to magnetic fields. 

Working along with the balance rim, this makes an auto-compensating system, implying the frequency remains unswerving even during extreme temperature instabilities. High-precision regulation takes place through Microstella nuts on the balance rim. With the help of a special tool, you can easily adjust the watch without taking it down. The watch designers planned against the everyday, customary procedure of regulating the watch by means of a regulator. Similar to every Rolex movement, Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) presented a certificate to the calibre 3186.

What Makes Rolex GMT Master II Different?

Technical highlights of the New Rolex GMT Master II include—

  • Scratch-resistant and UV-resistant Cerachrom bezel
  • In-house calibre 3186 with chronometer certificate
  • Paramagnetic Parachrom hairspring with a Breguet overcoil for enhanced precision
  • Precision index alternation using Microstella nuts
  • UV-resistant and scratch-resistant Cerachrom bezel

Rolex presented the first generation of the GMT Master in 1955. Originally, the watch with reference number 6542 was especially designed and developed for pilots of Pan American World Airways (Pan Am). During the early 1950s, the airline was in the market for watches that could visibly depict two different time zones. Rolex earned the deal and the GMT Master turned out to be the official watch of the airline— Pan Am. They ordered two different versions of the watch— one with a simple white dial for ground staff and the other one with a black dial for pilots. Versions with reference number 6542 are quite popular and in demand by watch enthusiasts and collectors. The GMT Master started enjoying bigger popularity in a couple of few years, outspreading well beyond pilots.

Rolex GMT Master II is the outcome of a success story. With the Rolex GMT Master II, the Rolex developed upon the success of their first-ever GMT time zone watch. Rolex originally designed for Pan Am pilots, the GMT Master  developed into an icon in a couple of years.  Business leaders, actors, heads of state recognize and appreciate its robustness, reliability and functionality. It’s elegance with a sporty design which has remained reliable and constant over the years, has made this watch into a statement, classic collector’s piece. Since Rolex watch retain their value and rare models are likely to be worth more than their original prices— making it good, solid investments. The use of materials such as white gold or yellow gold increases the value of certain models.

Imperial Time Recommends Buying Rolex GMT Master II— Reasons

It indicated an era of watch progression that highlighted function over the material, value over glamour. The new Calibre hustles the timepiece to deliver enhanced performance, making this a more trustworthy wrist partner than ever before. Like a good engine developer that carries on focusing on skill and smart fine-tunes to get the full benefit of a sturdy workhouse, Rolex has proved one doesn’t have to be only depended on cutting-edge technologies to make a good thing better— and that’s the key reason why Rolex never fails in impressing and attracting watch lovers and collectors.

  • It is a solid investment
  • It shows 3 different time zones
  • It has a scratch-resistance Cerachrom ceramic bezel from 2007
  • The sought-after models, like the Rolex Batman, have growing values
  • It is highly accurate, in-house, COSC-certified calibre

Whether you are looking to buy new GMT Master II, pre-owned, or unworn Rolex watches or looking for great deals on Rolex GMT Master II for sale, contact us today to know the Rolex GMT Master II price. With Imperial Time, you can be assured to buy genuine Rolex watches at the best possible price.

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