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Choosing your luxury watch Rolex Daytona

Models like the Submariner and Daytona are classic models that have been around for generations. We will have a look at both these models to find out what is so special about them.

1.Rolex Daytona

Why the name Daytona? In the 1930’s, when Rolex was starting to make a name for themselves, the car racing sport was emerging, and Daytona, a city in Florida was the focal point location that was becoming well known for breaking land speed record attempts.

2.Daytona Beach track

The chronograph watch has various functions and also operates as a stopwatch. Two of the sub-dials can record elapsed hours and minutes and the third indicator measures the seconds, independent of the stopwatch The tachymeter scale helps to measure elapsed time and average speed over a given distance.

When the Daytona was first introduced, it was apparent that the watch was different to the earlier chronograph watches. Most noticeable was that they removed the tachymeter from the dial and placed it on the bezel, giving it a sportier look.

Paul Newman was the most famous person to wear the Daytona, and up till today, the ‘Rolex Paul Newman Dayton is highly desirable collectors’ items. Because of the watch design, reliability and history, the Rolex Daytona is a prime example of why Rolex is so dominant in the luxury watch industry.

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