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Styling an Open Abaya in the UK Weather

Want to incorporate open Abaya’s your look to protect you from the harsh weather in the UK? Here are our top tips.

The great and impulsive weather in the United Kingdom makes it so much more difficult to decide on what to wear. Should I go for a flowy and beautiful Abaya or shall I drown myself in a thick Abaya and hijab jilbab to keep me warm? You never know what to expect.

Modest wear can be quite thick which is perfect for a cold day, but what if all of a sudden the sun decides to come out? You’ve searched every online store and looked for Abaya’s online, but nothing is perfect for this unpredictable weather.

Modest fashion might be the answer. In particular, an open Abaya which is one of the trends. This modern Abaya is a must-have in any wardrobe as it is perfect for chucking over to add an extra layer, but can be styled differently for a hotter day.

Here are our top tips on how to style the open Abaya for different weathers for Muslim fashion.

1. Opt for a high quality open Abaya hatmi as this will ensure that if the weather decides to be cold, you will be kept warm and the wind and rain will not cause as much damage.

2. Always try out the open Abaya when deciding on purchasing one by going down to an Abaya boutique, especially if it is a designer abaya, it is best to check whether it is thick enough to keep you warm whilst being flowy enough to let air through for a warmer day.

3. Muslim women clothes are usually quite thick, opt for a thinner material that can be layered over for the colder days or worn as it is for the warmer days.

4. Wearing the right women’s hijab is also very important. Ensure that if you risk it and wear a flowy open Abaya, stick to a thicker hijab just in case, and the opposite if you decide to go for a thicker open Abaya.

5. When looking an open Abaya in an online shop, look closely at the materials used. Materials such as cotton and jersey are perfect for colder days but materials such as chiffon are great for warmer days. Also, take advantage of the styling tips that are given online.

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