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How to make a puffer jacket look like a designer puffer jacket?

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Few items keep you as toasty during the winter months as a puffer jacket and this season, expect to see the sporty style pretty much everywhere. But while an inflated-looking outerwear pick protects you from the elements, it can make you feel kind of like a holiday parade float.

So, what’s the secret to keeping it chic while staying practical (and warm) in your padded jackets? It’s all in the styling, of course. And, as per usual, the fashion insider set has an abundance of outerwear inspiration to offer. Street style’s MVPs have been rocking the cold-weather staple in a non-ski slope sort of way for at least two seasons now.

The general styling consensus among the fashion crowd appears to be that a sporty/feminine mash-up is the way to go when it comes to successfully rocking puffer jackets. Balancing it with items like high boots, vinyl pencil skirts, floral frocks and sleek pumps give the puffer a decidedly sophisticated spin — and the fashion credit never had previously.

The idea is to treat it like you would any winter coat and style it accordingly. Over sequins? For sure. Colour coordinating with your accessories? Absolutely. (Bonus points if you let it slip off one or both shoulders — if it’s warm enough, that is.) Joining the ranks of the sweatshirt and sneaker before it, women’s designer puffer jackets have officially morphed into a fashion item.

Make a puffer jacket look like a designer puffer jacket?

These big, bulky, and insulated pieces of outerwear are both the warmest and coolest styles to be caught in this winter. From the basic red puffer jacket and cropped puffer jacket styles to oversized maxi long puffer jacket and eye-catching mustard or yellow puffer jacket variety, the designer puffer jacket has an option for everyone, and we can show you how to wear your favourite item.

Black puffer jacket

When it comes to buying a puffer jacket, a black design makes an excellent option. While bold, statement shades can be incredibly fun to wear, nothing says “sleek and sophisticated” quite like black. The simple hue is also seriously versatile, meaning that you can wear it with practically everything and anything. So, whether you’re rocking mom jeans or a knitted dress, a black puffer can make the perfect outerwear addition. For a more fashion-forward look, you can also try partnering a chunky black puffer with a slim, pencil skirt and heeled boots. A similar look can be achieved with a white jacket.

Bright colours

If your personal style reads bolder than basic, you should consider opting for a pop colour puffer jacket this season. Whether your favourite hue is orange, grey, pink, red or bright blue, we guarantee that there’s puffer out there for you. Once you’ve found your perfect and utterly unmissable bright puffer, all you need to do is pair it with the right items. As the jacket will instantly become the feature of your outfit, it’s best to keep everything else subdued to maintain a balanced aesthetic.

Muted colours

For the minimalistic fashionista, a muted colour puffer jacket can make a perfect choice. Whether it be a soft and subtle shade of pink or cream, or an understated and earthy khaki puffer jacket or navy tone, a muted puffer can be a stylish and chic option. More exciting than black, but also more reserved than a pop hue, these cool outerwear designs are easy to wear and look awesome at the same time. They’re especially ideal for casual outfits with a little bit of edge

Girls Designer Puffer Jacket

We have a range of different girls’ puffer jacket that are fashionable and look like you spent a lot more money on it than you actually did. So if you are looking for a ladies puffer jacket, look no further.

1. Longline puffer jacket


This longline puffer jacket is perfect for the cold days where you want to be warm but look stylish. The lace detailing at the bottom of the back adds a touch of femininity to the look without going overboard. The zip pockets are and zip up style coat is easy to throw over any outfit. Get warm and stylish with this jacket.

2. Longline sleeveless jacket


We bring to you a contemporary outerwear. A longline sleeveless puffer jacket with buttons down the front, perfect for the coming spring weather. Jacket has a layer of frills adding a hint of oomph as well as pockets.

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