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What Everyone Ought to Know About Women’s Fashion

How has women’s fashion changed over the years?

Fashion is a key element in how women present themselves to the world. Season in and season out, there is always another trend that we need to be following. From huge dressing gowns to ripped jeans, fashion has come a long way. The early 1900’s was when fashion became less restricting and more comfortable for the women wearing it. Prior to this, women were restricted to layers of clothing which gave the illusion of the ‘perfect’ figure.

Later on, Women’s clothing in UK became based on light-weight clothing that was free and easy to move around in as they set of to work during the second world war. This is when suits and high-waisted trousers came around, allowing women to dress comfortably.

Women’s Fashion

Women’s going out clothes and clothing for special occasions, in the UK, usually consisted of feminine clothing with a silhouette. Calf-length skirts/dresses that were full were extremely popular.

The 60’s was when women’s fashion really revolutionized. There was a greater increase in independent and mainstream women’s clothing boutiques from around the world, which opened up fashion to a whole new level. Women’s outdoor clothing consisted of bright colours, jeans, flowy and comfortable pieces and unique patterns. Incorporating different cultures, women’s fashion became more expressive and individualized. As the options grew, there was a range of different styles available for each woman.

As we reach the 21st century, women’s clothing began going digital. Women’s clothing online stores began opening up, making it possible to browse and purchase clothing with a click of a button. Not only did the public have access to women’s clothing websites in UKbut also from around the world. Now, anyone with internet has access to the best online shopping sites for women’s clothing from anywhere, ranging from different brands to different styles.

Modest fashion is no different. Ranging from the traditional Abaya to contemporary modest clothing, no matter what the style is, women’s fashion will always continue to change and develop.

From dresses and gowns to grunge and loungewear, women’s fashion has been through a journey and no doubt there is yet still much more to look forward to.

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