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Top Hijab Styles for Everyday

Top hijab styles for everyday for the new year.

Modest fashion is not just about the clothes you wear, but also about your hijab. Your hijab is the perfect way to pull your whole outfit together. The way you style your hijab can transform your look. Hijab fashion is a very important element in your whole outfit. There are thousands of hijab styles tutorials on the internet that you can watch to discover the numerous way in which you can wear your hijab. Yet, it is important that you find your specific style first.

Find the perfect hijab style for your face shape. 

  • For the Oval shape, it is best to let your hijab fall naturally around your face, do not wrap the scarf around multiple times for extra layers, it is best to let it be as natural as possible
  • For the Round face, let the scarf fall slightly over cheeks and chin slightly to give you the illusion of a more oval face
  • For the Heart shape face, give a bit of extra volume under your chin to fill it out a bit.
  • For the Square shape face, keep your scarf loose for a feminine and loose look.
  • For the Long face shape, let the hijab sit a little lower on the forehead and chin. Stay away from the square hijab as the point at the top can elongate your face further.
  • For the Triangle face shape, let wear your hijab loosely around your jaw to give your face a fuller look.

Why not change up your look for 2018 with the perfect hijab style for you?

If you are wearing a modern outfit with bright colours or patterns, then opt for a simple hijab in various colours depending on your outfit. This will prevent your outfit from clashing and can pull the whole look together.

On the other hand, if you are wearing a basic outfit, throw over a bright and colourful hijab that can transform your outfit and make your outfit look more fashionable.

When wearing the hijab, find the style that best suits you, whether it’s the conventional wrap around or the turban style. You can wear these all at different times, it is all about having fun with your look.

For a special occasion, why not accessories around your hijab. Add jewels to the top of your hijab, or have your earrings pocking out a bit.

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