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How to style a lace maxi dress?

Buy a Lace maxi dress for Women

Who loves a good maxi dress? Why not step it up a notch and go for a lace maxi dress UK style. There is something so elegant and classy about lace dresses. For a modest look, there are so many long sleeved options. You can find a long sleeve lace maxi dress almost anywhere as these are one of the most stylish and trendy items. This has been on trend for years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Whether you prefer a lace maxi dress with sleeves or without, no matter how it is styled, it will always look feminine and sophisticated. From a white lace maxi dress to a black lace maxi dress, no matter what the colour, lace will always add a beautiful touch to a simple outfit. Our favourite for the winter season is definitely a navy lace maxi dress as there is something so elegant and mature about navy and is perfect for the festive season.

These dresses are great for any occasion, whether it’s a get together with friends, a birthday party or a wedding, create any look with these dresses.

How to style the lace maxi dress

The lace dress suggests a mixture of sophistication and purity and a shift version is versatile enough to be dressed up or down, feminised or brutalised, chic or casual.

1. Keep it simple

Don’t crowd the intricacies of lace with fussy accessories – keep them to a minimum. Choose heels for elegance and symmetry, or be more shouty with block-heeled ankle boots beneath a flimsy midi or maxi. You will need nothing else!

2. Start slowly

If you shy away from an all-over effect, stick to filigree trims and details instead – edge floral prints with black lace.  Or simply carry a lace-covered handbag – make it a focal point by plumping for a bold colour.

Introduce openwork sleeves or a crocheted kimono.  Before you know it you’ll be hooked, and lacework will creep into your wardrobe unannounced.

3. Vary your options

Simple doesn’t have to mean basic though.  Add a touch (or two) of class by throwing a blazer over your frock.  Try off-white over deep blue, and finish with a string of pearls and satin heels for simplicity with flair.

Go for a full-skirted dress with a narrow belt or a body-hugger with a pencil skirt, and pair with a denim jacket for some street style.

Alternatively, you can opt for a lace top maxi dress, so that the lace isn’t the whole way through. This definitely is a toned down version of the full lace dress.

4. Night and day

A lacy bodice will see your little black number ready for when the cocktails come your way.  Earlier, be day-time demure in white with taupe gladiator sandals, or make a statement by adding black footwear and a fedora instead.

5. Experiment with colours

Even though we’re saying don’t overdo it, some thought will lift your outfit beyond the ordinary.  Offset pastels with similar pale shades, such as pallid pink lace maxi dress, baby blue and beige or cream and red lace maxi dress to suggest a well thought-out total look.  And red lace or hot pink would be stunning!

Women Lace maxi dress

If lace isn’t your this, we have a wide range of maxi dresses that you can find online and in store. Here are a few of our favourite:

1. Smock zip dress 

Make a statement with these maxi smock dresses with long sleeves. This dress can be worn both casually and for a special occasion with accessories and heels. The simplicity makes it an elegant piece that looks classy and chic. The gathered waist line gives it a feminine touch whilst keeping modest and sophisticated. With a range of colours available, find the perfect dress for any occasion.

2. Crinkled maxi dress

Add some crinkle desire to your wardrobe this season with this uber crinkled maxi dress. Designed with a short front and back cape highlighting the shoulders. Pair with a crinkled hijab for the complete crinkle look. Elegant and chic – must have for every wardrobe. This crinkle maxi dress will up your fashion game. Long sleeves with cape over the shoulder.

3. Ruffle Sleeve dress

This classic black Abaya dress with ruffles all along the sleeves is perfect for a special occasion. Look elegant and chic with this dress that is simple yet stunning. This can easily be dressed up with jewellery or heels or with a bright coloured scarf. This simple dress with an edgy touch is all you will be reaching out for on a special occasion.

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