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How to style a maxi pencil skirt?

Maxi Pencil Skirt for Women

Winter is almost here which means time to get your winter wardrobe ready. A pencil skirt is probably the last thing that you would think to take out during the winter but we are here to give you styling tips on how to keep warm and look stylish in a pencil skirt for the winter. Time to add fun back into your outfits with our range of skirts.

Lucky for you, we don’t just offer women’s skirts but also a range of skirts that are perfect to keep you warm in the winter while looking modest and conservative. Whether you are looking for a high-waisted skirt or pencil skirts, we offer a wide range of selection so that you can find the perfect outfit for you.

Winter doesn’t have to mean all you can wear is a thick sweaters and jogging bottoms (although that does sound appealing), you can still rock a maxi skirt for a winter look. It is time to ditch the women’s grey skirt and add a bit of colour and flair into your everyday look.  These maxi skirts are perfect for breezy, stylish and modest look.

If you are looking for basic pencil skirts than look no further. Our black pencil skirt is made just for you. Black skirts are perfect for creating a base for an outfit. They match almost every outfit and can be styled in various different ways. These are one piece that you should invest in as these are the basic pieces that you will probably wear regularly and will need to create the foundation of your ensemble.

How to style a pencil skirt for winter

There are so many ways to style a pencil skirt for winter. Here are two of our favourite ways:

1. Pair your maxi white pencil skirt with a neutral tone jumper for a chic and stylish look that is comfortable and warm while looking like you put in a lot of effort into your outfit.

2. Wearing a black leather pencil skirt is the perfect winter outfit for an elegant, chic and modern look. Leather is perfect for the winter as it doesn’t allow air to get through and the dark colour creates the perfect mood. Pair this with a dark coloured top and boots to complete the look.

3. Wearing a thick cotton skirt is sure to keep you warm, paired with a sweater and a scarf to get that perfect winter cosy look.

Our favourite high waisted pencil skirt range

1. Pencil skirt

Starting off with the simple skirt, who doesn’t want the perfect pencil skirt that can be worn anywhere? Girls, this is all you need in your wardrobe. Not only is it stylish, but it is ultra-comfortable and can be paired with almost any top. This is perfect for workwear with a classy shirt or for a casual day with a sweater. The options are endless. These  black skirts  are definitely a wardrobe essential.

2. Straight cut jean skirt

Want to try something new? Unique fabrics, different shape? Try our new high waisted denim pencil skirt. A unique item that may become a staple piece in your spring/summer wardrobe. The cream colour makes it perfect for all your summer lunch dates. Pair with a floral embroidered blouse or cotton shirt, with your favourite nude heels to complete the look.

3. Formal Maxi skirt

This soft, stretch navy pencil skirt is a great choice for a day at work. The elastic waist sits above the hips for a smart fitted look with either a blouse or shirt. But don’t let that stop you from relaxing in it too! A comfortable fabric that makes any day go a breeze. The elastane material makes this piece comfortable that is stretchy and can be worn by any women. This is sure to be your go to pencil skirt. If you prefer it in other colours, don’t you worry as this comes in various different colours to suit any outfit or season.


If you have any further questions regarding any of our skirts or any other items that we offer, feel free to contact our team of experts and stylists who will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right piece for you to create your perfect outfit.

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