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How to style long kaftans ?

Best Long kaftans for Women

Despite what some people think, women included, a kaftan is not only suitable for the beach. Although it is a great beachwear as a beach kaftan piece, a kaftan can be much more than that. In fact, you can easily impress and turn heads wearing a kaftan regardless of the occasion. You just need to style it right. Let us see where and how you can wear one and look gorgeous all day long.

A traditional kaftan or caftan is an ankle-length garment with long, flowing sleeves. This loose type of dress was originally a long, buttoned up robe mainly worn by men in the Middle East. A Kaftan dress used to be made of either silk or cotton and often came with a sash or belt around the waist and elbow-length or longer sleeves.

That being said, kaftans have found their way back to the fashion scene in recent years (although we cannot say they were ever out of fashion) and are becoming increasingly more popular, especially Kaftans UK style, pleasing the taste of both women that wish for classy and chic formal outfits and those that are drawn into more casual appearances; yet, do not want to look like a tomboy. They are perfect as a beach kaftan or for a special occasion.

How to style black long kaftans 

There is something so elegant and mysterious about a black kaftan, leaving you looking like a million dollars. You can still get the same affect with a white kaftan, but if you are looking for an everyday wearable look then we recommend going for the black. There are many ways that this item can be styled. Here are a few of our favourite ways:

1. For Formal or Casual Occasions

If you are into boho chic, pop on a pair of flat sandals (Ancient Greek style is excellent but any leather piece will do), add a soft shoulder handbag, and a pair of large, designer sunglasses, and you’ve got yourself the boho chic outfit you wanted! Wear it when you go to the beach or at casual summer parties on weekends.

To jazz your kaftan up and make it more appropriate for formal occasions, opt for a more fitted design and choose a piece made of silk or another luxurious fabric. For added allure, consider a kaftan made from layers of sheer fabric. Pair it with jewellery (i.e. a silver or gold belt) to dress it up for even more formal instances. Jewelled sandals with heels will help make a chic statement and add to the luxury feel of your outfit.

Alternatively, you can opt for kaftan tops which can be worn with trousers if you still want the same feel but for an everyday easy look.

Long kaftan dress | Ala Official

2. On The Beach

It is one of the most popular (if not THE most popular) ways of wearing a kaftan these days. Use it as a cover-up on the beach and instantly take your beachwear to an upper level. Made from a light, breezy fabric, a kaftan is a superb option. Not to mention that it also provides you with protection against the sun’s UV rays (if long enough to cover most of your body).

Considering that it is not a fitted garment, it goes without saying that you can wear it and rest assured you will remain cool while dipping your feet in the sand. A kaftan will help them look gorgeous while staying cool, and showing just as much skin as they feel comfortable with.

Pair it up with a stylish pair of sandals and your designer shades and you are beach ready. If you want to add more style to your beachwear (say, you want to go for lunch at a seaside restaurant), add a belt and you are done!

Our favourite long kaftan dress

Long kaftans are so elegant and stylish. Here is our favourite Kaftan that is flowy but still perfect for the colder weather with its thick material.

It can be so hard to find a kaftan that isn’t revealing in any way. This opaque maxi kaftan with bold floral prints all over is perfect for throwing over when you’re at the beach or by the pool. This features wide box ties at the top which keeps the outfit looking relaxed and adds a unique element.

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