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Shop for Second Hand Rolex Hatton Garden— Why and How?

Rolex and affordability are two such words you would not essentially connect with one another, but believe it or not, owning a Rolex watch is much easier than many people think— all thanks to the second-hand watch market. Undoubtedly, for most people renowned brand “Rolex” is the epitome of luxury, success and wealth. Luxury watches can be your wardrobe’s most bank balance-busting ingredient.

A luxury watch is a true reflection of your personality. Wearing a Rolex watch makes a unique statement. It portrays your appreciation of fine style and quality. When deciding to invest in buying a luxury brand watch, there are several things to consider when buying pre owned Rolex watches.

Second Hand Rolex Hatton Garden— 11 Tips to Buy Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

Hatton Garden is well-known as London’s watches and jewellery quarter and the centre of the UK trade. Whether you are a watch collector lover, or who like a stylish watch to wear daily, Hatton Garden is one-stop destination to offer you infinite choice. The jewellery and watch stores in the Hatton Garden feature the highest and finest quality luxury watches to pick from and are sourced from worldwide. There you cannot just get daily wear watches, but also a collection of rare, collectible and limited edition pieces. In Hatton Garden, you can get watches from all the top brand names.

But, why go Hatton Garden when you can buy stunning luxury watches with exceptional savings online at Imperial Time? Buying a pre owned luxury watch can give you a great way to own a wonderful watch at a much affordable price. It gives you an accessibility to buy watch models that are no longer in production. Choosing to buy second hand Rolex Hatton Garden watches is also an economical and efficient way to add diversity to your existing watch collection.

Whatever your reason may be, here are top “11” tips to consider when buying second hand Rolex—

1. Narrow down your choices

When shopping for your watch, don’t get distracted. Consider only the watches your eyes stopped on. Are you interested in Rolex Day Date, Rolex Daytona, Rolex Submariner, Date Just Rolex watch, Sea Dweller, or GMT Master? What features or functions are important to you? Which watch style suits you and your lifestyle? The more focused you are about the watch you want to buy; the easier it will be to find.

2. Buy only what you like

It is worth buying the watch you like and is fond of. Even if you are getting a good deal, ignore if the model isn’t of your first choice. ONLY go for a watch you’ll eventually enjoy wearing. A luxury watch can last a lifetime with proper maintenance and care.

3. Be Aware to Get the Real Deal

After spending a huge amount of hard-earned money to buy Rolex of your dream, you will want to get a watch with 100% genuine internal and external parts or authentic replacement parts from the watch manufacturer. Many watches have after-market customization such as gemstones included on the case or dial. If you like the customization, make sure to realize any changes or modification to the original model. There are many watch dealers in the market, who dupe customers by fake watch and modifications. Only a reputable and honest dealer will share full disclosure of any modifications in the watches.

4. Spot the Fake one

As told above, there are countless fake or refurbished watches available on the market. To avoid landing on the counterfeit watch, pay attention to each detail related to the watch. Check whether the brand logo and lettering are clean and well aligned on the dial or not. Ensure the time pointers are properly placed and spaced. Verify if the watch buckle and band match exactly with the manufacturer’s specifications and details.

At Imperial Time, we carefully examine each second-hand watch to examine for its functionality and original parts. You can check out original watchband to make sure whether the rest of the watch is original or not. Try identifying the manufacturer’s hallmark and symbols of watch metals.

5. Know the watch specifications and features

Before you begin to shop, it is recommended to thoroughly research the watch model and manufacturer you want to invest in. You can even check out some watch forums or websites to know which watch is worth buying. Read the product descriptions properly to know about the terminology related to the watch. Understand the features in the watch model, and then make the decision.

6. Make sure to get the original documents

To make a successful purchase, ensure to get the original warranty card, instruction manual and original box. It can give credibility to the watch’s genuineness. Ensure to get complete set (original box, instruction manual, warranty and other papers). Remember the original box and its printing is of very high quality. Most importantly, ensure to match the serial number with the watch documentation.

Ask for the original invoice or any other service receipts. It’s not always the case to have original documents to prove the genuineness of the watch. But, having them help you to be assured that you’re getting what you’ll be paying for— an original Rolex watch.

7. Enquiry the Seller

Ask the seller whatever questions you may have in your mind regarding watch. Try gathering as much information as possible to make your purchase successful. A few questions you can ask—

  • Is the watch in good and running condition?
  • When the watch was purchased and the reason for selling the watch?
  • Does the watch have a mechanical movement? If yes, how long does it run if fully wound?
  • Is the dial original or refurbished?
  • Ask for the watch’s serial or reference number?

8. Don’t forget to compare prices

The internet has made everyone’s life so easy. Explore different sources to get some idea about the fair market value of the watch you are planning to buy.

9. Consider the source from where you are buying

The safest and securest way to buy pre owned Rolex watches is to buy from a reliable online store that’s specialized in pre-owned luxury watches. Don’t forget to look at the store’s rating and reputation. Nothing beats a personal assessment of a potential purchase.

10. What about warranty?

Who doesn’t love getting a warranty on their purchase? Everyone does. Imperial Time offers a warranty on all the watches so that buyer can enjoy complete peace of mind after purchase also.

11. Is there any return policy?

What if you are not satisfied with your purchase? We offer 14-days return policy and 100% money back guarantee. Credit will be issued in the same mode as payment received.

Second Hand Rolex Hatton Garden— Why Buy Rolex?

Rolex is one of the most iconic timepieces ever in the history of the watch industry. It offers both luxury and quality. Coveted by most, this prestigious watch can be affordably yours. Imperial Time’s collection of pre-owned Rolex watches is guaranteed to satisfy the most eagle-eyed and price-savvy buyers.

Why Rolex is still Better and Loved More Than Any Other Watch Brand?

Rolex watches are unparalleled for craftsmanship. They are built using a combination of solid 18-carat gold along with precious platinum or top-grade heavy steel, Rolex is actually quite heavier than other watches. The finest watch crystals “synthetic sapphire crystals” are used in the Rolex face crystals. They are extremely hard, deliver outstanding clarity, and are incomparable at scratch resistance.

It may not be the leader in every single category, but collective it’s a very strong contender that’s not easy to be defeated. Being a vertically-incorporated manufacturer, Rolex dominates every aspect of the manufacturing lifecycle and constantly produces finest, high-quality, extremely consistent products in high volume. The brand has successfully found out the way to create this bulk-produced luxury product appear scant and, therefore, intrinsically looked-after.

Countless watch brands have come and gone in the market— and many are still around, but none of these have ever even near to challenging the supremacy of Rolex. The reason is clear— A Rolex watch delivers real value.

If you are the one who values brand recognition and design continuity, Rolex is the perfect communicator of wealth and status. Its value will remain relatively unchanged by any geographic location. Rolex is the best watch if you are looking for a reliable, robust, good-looking, extremely well-made, and highly recognizable luxury mechanical timepiece.

Second Hand Rolex Hatton Garden— Better Than Perfect

Rolex features a variety of specialty functions. Divers, yachters, scientists, professional auto racers and among others— need exclusive watch functions to facilitate precision timekeeping even under extreme conditions. Each Rolex models are designed and developed to meet certain requirements for highly specialized requirements.

All watches are serviced, cleaned and polished when necessary. All pre owned luxury watches come with a 6-month guarantee. All items are subject to a 14-day returns policy.

At Imperial Time, we service and fix up each pre-owned Rolex to bring back its original beauty and functionality. Our collection is not limited to Rolex.  You can get a wide collection of luxury watches from top brands including Rolex, Tag Heuer, Patek Philippe, Hublot, Omega Speedmaster, and lots more. From the elegant interior movements, to the exterior watch case and bracelet, everything is thoroughly repaired and serviced. Our restorations go through careful expert testing to ensure the accuracy of our work. We are specialized and offer in the finest quality new, unworn and pre-owned watches for our esteemed customers. Our key goal is your complete satisfaction, and we are proud of our repute for outstanding customer service. 

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