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Read This Before You Do IELTS Booking!

Dreaming of studying in the magnificent United Kingdom? You are not alone- the UK is one of the world’s most popular destinations in the world for international students. Not only is the UK recognized for its beautiful monuments, magnificent views friendly locals, but also for its outstanding higher education system. The United Kingdom is home to some of the best universities in the world, situated in stunning, scenic historic towns and lively vibrant cities.

Before understanding the benefits associated with the IELTS tests, you need to first understand what actually IELTS is.

IELTS— “International English Language Testing System”, a globally recognized test which international students need to take so as to get admission to most universities in the United Kingdom. The test organized by the British Council is one of the leading English language tests in the world and is advantageous for the students planning study abroad.

IELTS Booking: Reasons Why You Should Take an IELTS Test?

The best thing about IELTS tests is that it will help you throughout your life. Not only it will assist you to get into your favourite university; rather it is something that will help you with future job opportunities and future employees, and even immigration applications.

There are so reasons why you should take the IELTS test. We have listed top 10 reasons-

  1. Worldwide Recognition

IELTS is an internationally recognized test, accepted by 9,000 organizations in over 140 countries, for immigration, education and work purposes. IELTS score is the best evidence that you are capable of communicating in the English language. Because of its brilliant international reputation, this is the most widely recognized English test across the world, due to the top-quality control standard which its questions need to complete.

  1. Useful For all Stages and Steps of Your Life

After completing your IELTS test successfully, you are eligible to apply and study at several international universities and colleges, employers, universities, professional bodies and immigration authorities, which accept and demand strong English language skills during their admission requirements.

  1. Hone Your English Language Skills

When you book your IELTS test, it means you are making a step forward to improve your English language skills. The test is well designed to evaluate different language skills- listening, reading, writing and speaking. During the test preparation, you’ll practice several everyday language skills to prepare yourself to communicate with your fellow international colleagues at university or college, to your clients at work or during abroad trips.

  1. The First Step to Go Abroad

Getting a good IELTS score helps you come closer to your dream to study or work abroad in the top universities or companies. Achieving a good IELTS score helps to fulfil one prerequisite to study or work in English speaking countries.

  1. Two Types of Tests to Choose From

The best thing about IELTS is based on your personal goals and the kind of institution you want to take admission in, you get the flexibility to choose between IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. IELTS Academic is a suitable option for university applications— whether you are planning for undergraduate or postgraduate levels, or work in an English speaking country. If you just want to improve your English language for work, immigration or travelling purposes, IELTS General Training is suitable. If you are confused about how to use your score yet, but still want to book your IELTS test, choose IELTS Academic, since it is the most requested type and useful in a large number of situations.

  1. Test Can Be Taken Almost Anywhere

In a calendar year, with 48 test days for IELTS academic module and 24 days for IELTS General Training module, you can book your IELTS test in 900 different British Council endorsed offices across the world. There are multiple test date and test location throughout the year for test takers convenience. You can easily do IELTS booking online, and then your registration will be processed by the British Council Office in your country. Upon successful registration, test takers will be briefed about the IELTS test date and IELTS test center. The results are declared within 13 days of the IELTS test, and on your request, it can be directly sent to an organization or institution. Nowadays, test takers prefer to give test online because of many reasons.

  1. Two Types Of English Covered— American & British English!

IELTS cover both American and British English when it comes to choice of words, grammar and spelling. No matter which country you want to study, travel or work in, IELTS gives you the opportunity to learn different native English accents. IELTS tests are designed and prepared by Americans, British, New Zealanders and Australians, who try to develop a real style to different English language variation according to the terms and vocabulary used on books, newspapers, companies and advertisements in their countries.

  1. Test Your English Language Level

The IELTS examiners make sure to do a precise assessment by using strict criteria to every test, which means that the IELTS score will specifically show actual level of your English language. Generally, IELTS results follow a 9-band scoring. There is no limit score for approved and failed, many institutions demand a score around 6-7.  It is recommended to repeat the test if the score is less than 5. The 9-band system is used globally so the analysis of test results becomes moderately consistent.

  1. Unbiased and Researched Content

The IELTS test content is designed by a team of international experts. Content is researched broadly to make sure the test is unbiased and impartial for any candidate irrespective of location, background, nationality, lifestyle or gender.

  1. Get Real-Time Experience

The IELTS test is designed to include real-life situations. Speaking section involves a face-to-face meeting of the candidate with a professional examiner. It is a perfect situation that lets you deal with the real-time challenges that one may come across when studying or working abroad.

  1. Having a Clear Goal motivates you and Makes it Easier to Achieve

Preparing for IELTS test will make you have clear aim and objectives towards your career. Having a clear goal makes it easier to achieve. It will motivate you to study harder and perfect your English and communication skills. Even if you fail for the first time, you know where you have to work hard.

  1. Get Wider Career Prospects

Once finishing your graduation, having different opportunities helps you to make the best choice for your career. Getting a good IELTS score opens up a whole new world of opportunities to explore. In fields where the emphasis is on the English language, being certified proficient is always helpful.

IELTS Booking at Eynsford College- Boost Your Career!

So, why take the IELTS test? The reasons are countless!

In today’s world, a high IELTS score has the power to change lives. It helps people to work, study and travel. But to get a good score, you need to prepare well.

Three Golden rules for IELTS test day:

  • Remember it’s a test of your English language skills
  • The better your English language skills, the easier it will be to get a good IELTS score
  • Prepare beyond IELTS books and IELTS practice tests

To know more about the IELTS test and taking an IELTS Preparation Program at Eynsford College, or seeking professional registration help contact us.

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