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Why Rolex Pre Owned Watches Are Worth Investing?

Why buy a pre owned watches? Whether looking out to buy as a gift, as an investment, or build your own watch collection, there’s never been a better time to buy a pre-owned luxury watch. Well, buying a certified pre owned Rolex  can be an incredible way to get the same mind-blowing craftsmanship at much lower price, or a chance to stumble upon something unique or limited edition. When looking to buy a pre owned  luxury watches, it’s essential to buy ONLY from a reputable and quality retailer who can assure the authenticity of your new timepiece.

Reasons to buying pre owned rolex watches are manifold. New watch usually loses a big fraction of its real value at the moment of acquisition, second hand luxury watches  doesn’t undergo such setback. Smart watch collectors can grow their collection by selling back watches they no longer use without making any loss. Beyond that, the pleasure of pre owned watches is obvious in the magnificent range available to customers — one can get more or less any timepiece ever sold at very affordable prices, as compared to overstated prices for a much lesser selection when buying new one.

Why Buy Rolex Pre Owned Watches?

No matter the reasons you find yourself looking to buy luxury watches and jewellery, pre-owned is always a great option to consider. From a wide range to better prices, there are numerous reasons to look for the pre-owned piece you desire to own.

Pre-Owned Watches Cost Less

Pre-owned Men’s Rolex watches often come at a much price depending on the condition of the watch. The major hit of depreciation is during the switch from new to pre-owned or second hand watches. Many pre-owned Rolex watches will settle in cost after this and downgrading will slow greatly. Even some watches increase in value through the domino effect of cost increases on latest models, rarity and desirability. Buying a vintage piece can cost you a bit more, as it is more popular. However, if you want to buy one that’s quite new in the market, pre-owned watches can be a much better option. There are many people who buy new watches, wear it for few days and then choose to sell it shortly after for several reasons.

Good Discounts

Independent online stores such as Imperial Time look for the best pre-owned Rolex watches and discard the unacceptable options. The in-house watch experts test and certify the authenticity of every watch piece so that clients are assured to buy only genuine products. When looking in the pre-owned watch market smartly and patiently, you can even stumble upon such watches that are “unworn”, where the watch owner never worn the watch or even never removed the factory plastic tags.

Incremental Updates

There are many watch models that are so similar because the updates required are incremental. Updates or changes that often happen to some watch models are so rare, every old generation looking almost the same to its newer self, escalating in value rather than becoming outdated. This lets you an opportunity and pleasure to own a previous era and still get the prestige of owning a good luxury watch.


With Imperial Time, you can buy a pre-owned watch in your fingertips using your Smartphone or laptop. You don’t have to go shops to shop and waste your time; rather you can explore huge collection of unworn and pre-owned Rolex London at your comfort. This is the true essence of internet convenience.

Durability and Quality

Luxury items are made to last forever. And that’s why buying pre-owned women’s Rolex and men’s pre-owned Rolex watches should always be a definite consideration. If a watch is well-maintained, it can remain in a great condition for decades. This means that even if a watch is pre-owned, it could look no less than a new one, and cost much lesser.

Eternal Style

The luxury brands are meant to be classic and timeless. For instance— a Rolex Day-Date hasn’t changed much in look over time. An older model of a classic watch may look alike the latest modern at just a fraction of the original retail price.

Pre Owned Rolex Watches in UK— What Can Imperial Time Offer?

Prestigious pre-owned luxury watches usually face one main barrier to customer confidence— they big prevalence of fakes and replicas on the watch market commences an element of risk to any big purchase. When it comes to searching where to buy pre-owned Rolex UK online, Imperial Time is pleased to assure that it has completely purged this risk for its esteemed customers.

How? Imperial Time has its own in-house watch experts who examine every single watch sold on the website to make sure it meets out strict authenticity and quality standards. Every watch displayed on the website comes with an exclusive certificate assuring that it is authentic and offering warranty on all products.

Imperial Time is fully dedicated to its customers, and prides ourselves in our capability to deliver the rare and finest pre owned Rolex watches with competitive pricing. Our key goal is to build a reliable platform to buy and sell luxury watches, ensuring a positive experience for our customers. Our certified and well-examined pre-owned Rolex watches are not just assured to give you a flawless customer experience and peace of mind, but also come from a vast range of collection that means you are much likely to get whatever watch you are looking for.

Why Buy Only From Imperial Time?

Buying pre-owned Rolex Watches can be a daunting experience, so we have set the standard for quality, assurance and peace of mind when it comes to buying your dream watch. Pre-owned should not ruin your online purchasing experience, indeed, it should make it better. Here are a few reasons why:

Supreme Quality

All our pre-owned watches are offered in the best possible condition both externally and internally. The watch you see on the website is the watch you will get. All the pictures are original pictures we provide for each item. After buying from the website, if you are not satisfied with purchase, you can claim for full return within 14-days of purchase.

Buy With Confidence

Everything listed on our website has been fully examined and authenticated by our expert team, with any uncertainty cleared by the maker. If the manufacturer has a stolen or lost record, the timepieces are checked against it to ensure they’ve a clean history.

Shop at Your Own Comfort

What’s better than sitting in couch wearing your PJ, watching your favourite movie, having popcorn and browsing out the website to stumble upon your desired watch! You can explore huge collection of best pre-owned watches you can ever get, all at your own convenience.

Peace of Mind Possession

Your experience continues even after you receive the watch. Every item sold at Imperial Time is covered by a comprehensive warranty to boot any leftover manufacturer’s warranty to help you be on safer side if anything goes wrong.

Top Recommendations: Pre Owned Rolex Daytona and Many More…

Looking to discover pre-owned & unworn watches at Imperial Time? Here are our top recommendations:

Rolex Daytona

The Daytona is one of the supreme legends in watch making. This model offers a brilliant aesthetic, stylish look. It also benefits from the brand’s well-known quality of manufacturing and excellent in-house movement. Pre-owned Rolex Daytona is the perfect timepiece if you are looking for purest expression of the speed, luxury, performance and design.

Rolex DateJust

Buying pre owned Rolex DateJust is the best watch if you are looking to buy from investment perspective. It comes with sleek and minimalist look.

Rolex Submariner

Pre owned Rolex Submariner  is the best watch to buy in terms of recognition and popularity. It comes with a durable, sporty and stylish appearance, and moreover has 300 meters of waterproof resistance. Buy pre owned Rolex Submariner UK to get a sporty and waterproof timepiece to cherish for lifetime.

The Bottom Line:

Quality luxury watches are designed to last, making sure that even if a watch is 5 or 50 years old it will still work exactly the same way it worked the day it was made. Luxury brands sold at Imperial Time are prominent for timeless design, buying a second hand or pre-owned watch is a brilliant way to get the luxury watches you have always dreamed of at a reasonable price. Picking up an amazing deal on luxury pre-owned Rolex watches in UK helps you put sought-after Rolex watches within your grasp.

Imperial Time not only offer amazing deals on pre-owned watches, but also features a lot of watch models that are either discontinued, vintage and often rare watches, including the most popular brands from Tag Heuer to Patek Philippe, Hublot and lot more— all in flawless working condition— professionally restored and serviced.

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