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Men’s Guide: 8 Must-Have Rolex Watches for Men

There comes a time in every man’s life when he begins to value time and desires to wear it as an elegant timepiece on his wrist. And that’s the time to start watch collectionto cherish for the lifetime.

Buying the first luxury watch is a big step for most people— because it represents the first time they’re making a significant financial expenditure on something apart from real estate or car! Usually, it takes huge time to make decision spending a huge amount on watches, even if its pre owned watches. If you are confused which Rolex watches you should invest in— we have got you covered!

Rolex Watches for Men— Fashionable, Functional and Statement-Maker!

With a history of ownership, values, finishes and models as complex as the movements inside, filling up your watch collection with the world’s most attractive, trendy pieces is no mean feat. The statistics that prove Rolex’s supremacy of the watch industry are ubiquitously and undeniable, from chronometer-certificate applications via retained values and auction prices to brand-recognition surveys.

Over the time, watches have evolved into so much more. They are fashionable. They are modern. They are functional. They make a statement about the wearer— especially it’s the only bling men wear. Specific brands give us status, but they can also be a good investment if done correctly.

First 8 Rolex Watches for Men That Are a Smart Investment

Why pick Rolex watches as an investment? They are considered as the most collectible watch brands ever. Rolex, which was initiated in 1905, was ranked on 64th position on the Forbes’ world’s most powerful brands globally for the year 2016, and is expected to dominate the watch industry in the future as well.

We have listed out some core watches style along with the top Rolex Men Watches every watch collectors must have!

The All-Round Watch

Nowadays, wristwatches are more a fashion statement than an important gadget to go about your day. Undeniable, there’s nothing like an astonishing, eye-catching watch to class up altogether, especially one that suits for a formal occasion. If you are looking for a watch that’s versatile with every dress— go for a watch with a sleek, minimalist profile and dial to add some zest to that tux.

Suggested Watch— Rolex Day Date

Rolex Date Just models are undoubtedly worthy investments, but as Rolex Day Date  models are quite more popular as they are the extended version of Date Just model’s features. Watch buyer admires these watches for their sleek, simple look. When it comes to the Day Date models, there are lots of fine finishes to pick from men’s and women’s collections. Many Rolex Day Date watches have brilliant resale value because of their sensible functionality and timeless style. These watches are quite smaller than sporty models like Yacht Master and the Submariner, which attracts to those who like the look of a classic dress watch. Day Date models are available in wide range of dials including the diamond dial.

The Chronograph Watch

For any watch collector, the chronograph is the first watch to invest in to celebrate a milestone or achievement in life. These watches are famous for their accurate timekeeping aptitudes, and often feature excellently in collections because of the fantastic workmanship that goes into making each one. Chronograph watches are one such timepiece one desire to— the most adored watches in the watch collector community are chronographs, especially the Rolex Daytona, well-known for its impeccable precision and incredible luxury quality.

Suggested Watch— Rolex Daytona

If you are looking to buy a modern, stylish watch, Rolex Daytona is a perfect watch to invest in. Named after America’s auto racing capitals, this model offers an exceptional aesthetic sub-dial. Daytona models are quite popular among celebrities and that’s the key reason this particular Rolex retains its value so well. It is possibly the ideal watch design and one which every watch collector should invest in. If you are looking for the purest expression of the design, luxury, speed and performance, buy Rolex Daytona without any second thought.

The Sports Watch

Such watches are especially designed and made to take a beating. Considered by their big case and dials, and NATO or rubber strap, sport timepieces are made to be low-maintenance and ultra-functional. They are the perfect type of watches for your timing your everyday routine as they incorporate several built-in functions and have easy-to-clean straps. If you want a sporty look when going to the soccer field or field to dinner night with a quick swab to make it look flamboyant, select a model in black or any other dark colour.

Suggested Watch— Rolex Submariner

If you are looking for the best Rolex watch to buy in terms of popularity and recognition, then a Submariner might be the one for you. Durable, stylish, and absolutely sporty, this Rolex offers a sleek look while bragging watertight veracity to depths of approximately 300 meters, which is fairly deeper than other average sport divers will ever come upon. Rolex Submariners are usually high in demand by those who shop the resale market.

Since Rolex Submariner is extremely popular, so often it is counterfeited. That’s why it is important to buy only from a reliable, prominent source having registered office and providing a certificate of authenticity at the time of sale. Rolex was the first wristwatch maker to introduce waterproof watches. Realizing the increasing need for high-quality awaterproof watch, the most iconic Rolex was developed.

The Business Watch

A popular saying— “Dress for the job you want, and not the job you have.” Nothing speaks better to such a common saying than a professional-looking timepiece to go well with your new suit. This watch takes you through business trips and meetings— so it’s crucial to choose a watch that’s absolutely versatile to match your traditional 3-piece attire and is appealing.

Suggested Watch— Rolex GMT-Master

Since their inceptions, Rolex GMT Master and GMT Master II are in demand. These watches are meant as aviator’s watch, and were designed especially to meet the international pilot’s need. With rotating 24-hour advanced bezels and distinctive 24-hour hands, the Rolex GMT Master II allows the wearer to have an access to 3 different time zones at the same time. And that’s why these Rolex models are also best suitable as a business watch. This model offers a good-looking aesthetic, complements well with formal and casual attire equally. It has a large dial that imparts luxury, and a stylish design that makes it highly desirable by potential buyers.

A Watch for All Season

For every watch collector, it’s vital having just one, all-purpose watch that goes well for all season. You may sometimes want to own a watch that you could put on every to any occasion, something that would complement every activity and outfit, that would not be showy but would still have charm and personality. You should own a watch that’s sportily elegant look and equally goes well with a polo shirt or business shirt.

Suggested Watch— Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Rolex Oyster Perpetual design comes close to perfection. It was designed minimalistic that favoured legibility and reliability over aesthetics with the key motive to win government business. Finding the best match for one’s budget and is much easier than ever today, as altogether, there are several different options – depending on the dial colour and size – in the Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection. This Rolex model accents things a bit down with an artistic that’s a bit more formal, even though, with its 3-piece Oyster bracelet and sleek bezel, it still exhibits pretty a bit of traditional strength that makes it look decent and perfect even when taken out of air-conditioned offices.

A few more suggest Rolex watches for men—

Rolex Yacht Master

Yacht Master offers an appealing blend of great looks and brilliant functionality. It comes in a variety of finishes and is available in different sizes for men and women alike. This watch is completely waterproof, and are easily identified by their bold numbers and large hands, making it easy to read even in challenging situations. These iconic timepieces are designed and built to last, and retain their value well over time. Their unchanging look along with its robustness makes it extremely popular in the watch market.

Rolex Sky Dweller

Rolex watches have been long associated with travelling to the highest point on the earth or drifting to the deepest depth of the sea building unique designs and functionality making Rolex stand out from the others. Rolex Sky Dweller is one of the company’s most intricate wristwatches incorporating technologies that make for easy time zone changes and perpetual calendar for worldwide travel.

Rolex Sea Dweller

Sea Dweller is an ultra-resistant diving watch waterproof to a depth of 4000 feet or 1220 metres aiming to pick up where submariner left off, allowing wearers to dive deeper and stay at depth for long. The case-back on the Sea Dweller is the typical, solid, stainless steel.

Buy Men’s Diamond Rolex Watches to Brag Your Personality

Eventually, any watch piece can, for a period of time, do the easiest job of keeping the time, Rolex watches offer those looking to invest in them more than a lifetime of satisfaction. You should avoid making any mistake when investing in a good timepiece. The expert and determined craftsmanship behind Rolex watches ensure incomparable precision, durability and retained value.

The watch collectors and wearers of Men’s diamond Rolex watches are the men who may quietly sport blings that are synonymous with sophisticated wealth, yet whose success stays elegantly understated— thanks to a real sense of class and style! When buying Rolex watches for men make sure to buy from authorised and regulated watch providers having their office registered in England.

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