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What jobs can you get with a diploma in Health and Social Care?

Points to consider before choosing your Diploma in Health and Social Care course

There is an array of opportunities in the UK for the professionals that hold a Diploma in Health and Social Care. If you are planning your career as care and support staff in social care, hospitals, nursing home, or mental care centres, hospice and NGOs, you should opt for a Diploma in Health and Social Care that is issued by a reputed college or university.

In the UK, you will find lots of colleges, which offer the above courses, and selecting the best one of them is a challenging task for the students aspiring to work in hospices, hospitals or other care centres. Some of the import factors that you should take into account before choosing the college are:

  • Reputation and popularity of the college

The reputation of the college plays a pivotal role and you should give due consideration to it. It is worth noting that well-established colleges in London will regularly get financial assistance, guidance and support from the government authorities and affiliated universities.

  • Affiliation of the university / colleges

If you are planning to work as a support worker in senior care or disability centres, you should also take into account the affiliation. Check whether the listed colleges have approval from Pearson BTEC. Note that the BTEC Higher Nationals put a strong emphasis on practical skills, rather than theoretical skills.

  • Employability and life skills trainings

Students that are aiming at studying for a Diploma in Adult Care at one of the top-ranked colleges in London should check whether the selected institutions offer employability and life skills training along with leadership and communication. Students can survive in this competitive world only when they have extensive knowledge in communication, leadership, soft skills and employability skills.

  • Levels of education that are offered by such colleges

Those who want to pursue their career in social care settings should check whether the colleges are offering level 3 certificate or other higher levels of education. If you find a place which excel in teaching both theoretical and practical aspects of health and social care do not hesitate to join.

You can help the children that suffer from learning disabilities when you complete a Diploma in Health and Social Care and receive the certificate from the college. If you have obtained a Diploma in Leadership along with a degree, then you may get job offers from various hospitals, nursing homes, primary and adult care centres. You can expect the maximum salary and best designation when you finish such types of professional course.

If you are presently working in an office and seriously planning to sharpen your life skill then there are two types of professional courses under level 3 diploma which you can choose.

  • Diploma in Health and Social Care (Children and Teens)
  • Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults and Elders)

You will be absorbed probationary officer in a residential care, community care, acute care, private care and other such social care settings and once you complete your probation and get confirmation order, you will start earning maximum amount.

Earn a diploma in health and social care and start earning money

Students can choose their career path immediately after completing the diploma course in health care. Learners should get 58 credit points if they want to gain a diploma in Level 3. They can get an opportunity to work in following centres and institutions:

  • Reputed rehabilitation centres

London has lots of drugs, alcoholic and mental rehabilitation centres and getting jobs in these types of institutions is like a cakewalk for the graduates those who have finished a diploma in health care. You will offer psychological support to all the patients and help them during recovery.

  • Professional counsellors in hospitals or NGOs

Working for Adult care England will be a great joy for the Health Care graduates. If you are degree or certificate holder, you can start your career as a private counsellor or work as a counsellor in care or rehab centres. You will listen to the problems faced by adults and provide them with suggestions. You will learn the art of caregiving.

  • Health and clinical psychologists

There is a huge demand for health and clinical psychologists, not only in London and you can begin your career as a clinical psychologist after finishing your studies in health care. You can help patients who suffer from mental distress, and work closely with them throughout the whole recovery process.

  • Social worker and health visitor

If you want to begin your career in London as a social worker or health visitor you should have a degree or certificate in Health and Social Care. You will be visiting various reputed hospitals and meet the patients that suffer from mental and physical problems. You will show maximum sympathy and empathy to them and take care of their urgent requirements.

  • Occupational therapist

In this job you will be assisting those who, for different reasons, find it difficult to cope with every-day tasks. Your role will be to improve their quality of life by helping them overcome the environmental barriers that limit their independent functioning and participation in daily activities.

Life will carry more meaning only when you help the fellow human being and this course will help you find your role in clinical therapy, counselling and so on. You will start mingling with lots of people that have disabilities and psychological issues and provide the best support to them during a crisis.

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