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What is the relationship between accounting and finance?

A Degree in Accounting and Finance improves students’ career prospects

Which business schools in London offers comprehensive under graduation course in Accounting and Finance? What is the tuition fee for such professional management courses? What types of career guidance do these institutions offer to their students?

These are some of the crucial questions that are posted by students who come from various countries. Before going into the depth, one should understand the meaning of accounting and finance, the relationship between these two crucial subjects and career prospects that are associated with it.

Both finance and accounting may look similar, but there are lots of differences in them. A company can maintain its business correctly throughout the year only when they have a surplus fund. For this purpose, the fund manager issues shares, bonds and debentures to the public and raise money.

Accounting, on the other hand, is nothing but effective utilization of funds which is raised through various channels. An accountant in-charge of bookkeeping has to maintain journals, profit and loss account and balance sheet properly throughout the year and submit these records to company and external auditors. They will inspect these books of accounts and certify their authenticity.

Finance books project information about future budgets. Only when the accountant maintains books of accounts properly, the financial analyst or budget department can plan the next budget and expenses properly. It is important to know how accounting and finance are interrelated.

Students who opt for certificate or graduate courses in Accounting and Finance can sharpen their skills in bookkeeping, accountancy, cash and fund flow statements, reconciliation statements, profit and loss, ledgers, balance sheet and so on and gain mastery in these subjects within a short time.

You will easily find reputed London business schools which have gained immense reputation and popularity when you explore online websites that are related to this topic. If you are a student who is aiming at growing in the field of business finance, bookkeeping and accountancy, then you should decide to choose one of the reputed management schools or colleges which offer career counselling, guidance and placement opportunities.

There are management institutions and popular colleges which are consistently ranked among the world’s best business schools. You have to identify these types of world-class colleges which strengthen the capabilities of the students and guide them through the path to success. Nowadays, business schools in London have drastically reduced their fee structure and are steadily increasing the number of places available for all types of courses.  

Completing UG or PG courses in Accounting and Finance is easy

One of the biggest challenges the students face after enrolling for a BSc Accounting and Finance course is gaining mastery in all the subjects that are taught under this stream. When compared to other managerial degrees, the above course is comfortable. Students should work hard, use reference materials, visit libraries and clear all their doubts if they want to score maximum marks in all the subjects.

Management students will start seeing a brighter side of life when they successfully finish under-graduation or post-graduation courses from one of the best London business schools. If you are a working professional who is planning to continue higher education without quitting the current job, then you should choose EMBA courses that are offered by some of the best colleges in London. You will get the latest list of colleges which are offering full-time and part-time courses in MBA finance and such other subjects when you download online directory.

You will stand out from the crowd as soon as you successfully receive your EMBA or MBA degree in finance from reputed colleges. Career and promotional prospects are better if you successfully finish an MBA or EMBA at one of the recognized and reputed colleges.

Advantages of doing a degree in Accountancy and Finance

Some of the benefits and advantages a student will enjoy when they choose a professional accountancy course are listed below:

  •       Better job prospects and opportunities

Job opportunities will knock at the door of students that successfully finish BSc in Accountancy and finance from premier B schools or management schools. Highly ambitious students will be absorbed in some of the best companies with decent salary and designation.

  •       Building social networking becomes easy

No matter if you register in part time or full time courses in UG or PG courses, you will get an opportunity to meet international students. You can socialize with all the students and strengthen your social networking quickly.

  •       Easy to become smart financial accountants

There is a world of employment opportunities for the students who manage to get a UG degree in accountancy and finance from reputed colleges of London. You will learn the basics of financial reporting and various other accounting statements when you enrol in this course.

  •       Climbing corporate ladder is easy and straight forward

Once the working professionals earn a degree from a top business school, they can climb the corporate ladder quickly and reach the post of a financial accountant immediately. Download the list of top twenty or thirty universities and colleges which offers UG or PG degree in business finance and enrol in one of the best colleges which are getting best reviews from various corners.

Students will learn skills including communication, leadership qualities, paper presentations and mentorship skills. Faculties working in reputed management schools will always be the driving force and cultivate best habits in the minds of the students.

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