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HND Health and Social Care Develop your Employability skills and achieve New Heights

The Mont Rose College of Management and Sciences, London is offering an HND Health and Social Care Management. Backed by PEARSON BTEC, this course will serve as solid ground to students for obtaining employment or a Professional Degree in the HND Health and Social Care London Sector. Spanning a period of 2 years, it is a full-time course that’s broken down into 2 levels namely, the HNC; awarded over successful completion of Year 1 and the HND; presented at the end of Year 2.

The HND Health and Social Care Programme places particular emphasis on the relationship between theoretical knowledge and practical skills employed in the Health Care sector. The course is administered via Practical as well as Theoretical classes. Hands-On Professional guidance will be provided.

Mont Rose College will choose students qualified to take up successful admission if they meet the following criteria

  • Past examination results of the candidate will prove to be an excellent demonstration of his/her capability to adapt to the course.
  • International students are required to demonstrate their comprehension and communication skills in the English language.
  • A minimum of 100 hours of experience in any one or more of relevant posts in the Health and Social Care sector.
  • Level-3 Education.
  • Candidate must be above 18 years of age.

Benefits of obtaining the Diploma HND Health and Social Care London

Candidates who have successfully received the HND Health and Social Care Diploma are qualified to take forward their career and education in the following manner:

  • All Universities that accept a Pearson Qualification will accept admission of students into the final year of an Undergraduate degree course in the UK.
  • Candidate can apply for Managerial or Supervisory posts in the Health and Social Care London
  • Candidates can apply for Level 6 Education in the Health and Social Care London

It must be noted however, that students belonging to all educational backgrounds are welcome to join in.

Course Content

  • Overall Themes

On completion of the course, students will have a thorough understanding of the methods, practices, and approaches that are closely followed in the HND Health and Social Care London sector. Students are also made aware of all theories, critical perspectives, and debates pertaining to the HSC sector.

  • Honing Reasoning and Analytical skills

Students are taught to interrelate practical and theoretical knowledge and to use it to their advantage. They will learn different approaches and methodologies used in the HNC sector and how to describe, theorise, interpret, and evaluate these approaches. Students will learn how to apply both theory as well as practical methods in real world HNC contexts.

  • Practical, strictly subject-specific skills

Focus will be on familiarising students with practices followed in HNC organisations, including management plans, professionalism and how to practically apply them to meet various health activities and health needs.

  • Developing Transferable skills that are Industry-specific

Students will be urged to produce written work that is on par with scholarly conventions. Communication and interpersonal skills will be developed for managing materials without assistance. Setting and achieving goals and targets, and self-analysing performance. Adapting to work ethics and expressing arguments in a healthy manner. Students will be taught to communicate effectively with the help of visual, oral, and performance media.

The HND Health and Social Care Course will equip each student with Intellectual, Practical, and Personal skills that will prove useful in all areas of employment and education belonging to the Health and Social Care sector

Application Process

If you are a Candidate interesting in applying for the HND Health and Social Care course at Mont Rose College and you fulfil all the above-mentioned criteria, follow the application process step-by-step as given below:

  • Visit and download the Application Form.
  • Attach the completed Application Form with your Qualifying Documents along with a Reference and your Passport Copy and Email them to

Fee Structure

  • The tuition fee to be paid for a single year is £6165 (GBP).
  • You need to pay an additional £205.20 (GBP) as ‘Pearson HND Membership Fee’.

Additional Details about the Course

  • Upon completion of one year, you can take home a Level-4 HNC Exit Qualification or proceed to Year 2, Level 5.
  • This is a full-time course and the college does not allow exemptions to candidates.
  • Attendance is compulsory for 21 hours per week and will comprise of a total of 16 modules over the course of 2 year
  • The course content is divided into 2 sections including a Mandatory set of units and a Specialist set.
  • Credits gained post completion of the course are 240+.
  • Students are required to take various assessments to progress each module. These assessments include Oral as well as Written Tests.

Mont Rose College is aimed at offering top-notch College Diplomas to students from around the world to help them achieve new heights in their education and career. The courses that they offer span a wide variety of niches such as Finance, Marketing, Hospitality, Teaching, Management, etc. The primary goal of the institution is to equip students with the necessary skills required to obtain suitable employment in their respective fields and to help them progress in their career by leaps and bounds. In terms of the quality of education, Mont Rose has taken all measures to provide the best teaching practices by creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere for teachers and students. Timetables are prepared to accommodate the convenience of both Lecturers as well as students. And lastly, they offer competitive and reasonable fees for all courses. All Certifications and Diplomas awarded by Mont Rose College are Internationally recognised by premier institutions across the globe.

Once you decide to join the course, you can get in touch with MRC’s Admissions Team for Career Guidance and Advice.

MRC provides Funding Options to students as follows

  • Full-Time students enrolled in MRC are eligible for a Maintenance Loan that is subject to candidate’s household income.
  • The Student Union Office at MRC is offering an NUS extra card for a nominal fee that will be helpful for obtaining discounts at stores and outlets.

MRC is accredited by PEARSON, edexcel, BTEC, UCAS, and Bucks New University. PEARSON is the largest awarding body in the UK. Top Universities and Employers from around the world will gladly accept a PEARSON qualification. Together with Mont Rose College, which has created a professional learning environment, students will obtain both the recognition and practical skills required to perform in the Industry. The PEARSON accreditation is accompanied by the brands edexcel and BTEC.

The College has two campuses; the South Campus, also known as Shakespeare House and the North Campus, also known as Churchill House, both of which are located at Ilford, London. The campus was very recently revamped and is integrated with special areas for private learning. There are also plenty of Online as well as Offline Learning Resources available.

Other courses offered by Mont Rose include the following

The following courses are provided as ‘L6 Entry Top-up’

Students have expressed how the quality of education and the learning environment at Mont Rose are exceptional. The College is situated in a prime location with easy access to Bus and Train Stations. The campus atmosphere is peaceful and inviting, further enhanced by warm lecturers and staff. Since the courses offered by Mont Rose are mainly focused on fulfilling the requirements demanded by the Industry, students are immensely benefitting by graduating here. Mont Rose has all the latest learning tools and technologies. An Online Moodle System is deployed to regulate student attendance, student course work and to provide easy access to learning material. Accelerate your career growth and your education by enrolling at Mont Rose College.

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