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Helpful apps mean happy students

There is one thing that every student in the UK has – no matter their field of study.

A mobile phone.

And for Millennials, using them for research and communication is second nature.

It’s not that long ago that students had to hide mobile phones under their desk throughout school and college, or risk getting it confiscated. In fact, let’s be honest, for some of your parents a calculator at college was state of the art!

Now mobile phones are part and parcel of education. So if you are deep into your studies, or contemplating taking a degree, here is news that will keep you “happy”.

There’s an helpful apps for students

The ways in which your mobile technology can support your endeavours to gain qualifications extends well beyond logging on the internet to find the best college in London.

We are not going to list the many apps that help young people get the best deals here (though we are delighted that those exist to make your student life easier). This is a guide to the sorts of study areas apps can help with, particularly if you are in your degree final year.

It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know

One of the most innovative ways to use apps to enhance your student experience and get help with your studies, is to find one that connects learners together. Online study groups in effect.

They combine the best aspects of social media with constantly updated revision materials. Tucked away in your student accommodation, you can share notes, seek help and quiz each other. And set up some friendly competition to keep each other focused if need be.

Apps to capture notes

Not long ago hardworking students spent lectures storing up hand ache by scribbling down their notes as quickly as possible.

For some time, the option to record lectures has been available at some colleges. But now there are apps that help you to capture and transcribe those pearls of wisdom using your mobile. Some even add the function of being able to photograph or film whiteboards or demonstrations too.

It’s a highly portable and easy way to refresh your memory long after the lecture happened.

Revision apps

Revision support is big business, and extends to all levels of education in the UK. Which is great news, as it means there are different versions and variations to suit different preferences on how to cram up for exams.

For example, some apps organise course notes into a series of digital flashcards for you. Others are based on the mind map learning technique.

There are already well-established revision apps to test you, while others help you plan and chart your learning schedule.

To study for a degree at a college in London that believes students should be treated as individuals – and supported to learn by every way possible – contact Mont Rose College in Ilford.

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