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Health and Social Care Integration as a Study Course

What is Health and Social Care Integration? 

The integrated care systems for health and social care program is designed by the Scottish Government to reform and improve care and support for the people who use health and social care services. This health and social care integration program targets on improving people live by ensuring better care and support.

The support is available for people who are living with long-term conditions and disabilities; among them, many are elderly people. It is also aimed at ensuring that the services are provided in a seamless and coordinative way. The users of this integrating health and social care services can be sure that they…

  • …are listened to
  • …are involved in deciding upon the care they receive
  • …actively participate in their care programme

Despite limited funds, these health and social care services have been created to address the needs of the increasing population of people who are living longer with health complexities and maximise the care effectiveness. The challenges faced by the providers include ensuring the appropriate number of workforces, such as the availability of staffs at the right time and right place that can meet the needs of the health and social care systems.

Integrated Health and Social Care Degree at Mont Rose College 

Integrated Health and Social Care is a course available as both, regular degrees as well as Hons degree. The BA Integrated Health and Social Care programme has been designed for those who want to have a career in health and social care in public, private or voluntary sector.

The regular degree of this course provides an outline of the course, whereas the BA Hons degree provides an in-depth detailed study of the course. This course makes students understand the public policies related to health and social care, and also develops the knowledge and practical skills that will be necessary for their future career.

The course mainly focusses on anticipatory and preventative care, and here the integration aims to improve the care and support for such services users.

Mont Rose College that is situated in the heart of Ilford, East London, is passionate about education. In Mont Rose College, this course is available as a one year full time Bachelor Degree with Hons, i.e., BA (Hons) Integrated Health and Social Care with Level 6 entry, ‘top-up’ course. Students are supposed to complete at least 120 credits and attend around 21 hours per week to finish-off the course.

The core subjects of the course include:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Contemporary issues and Inter-professional Practice
  • Introduction to Safeguarding
  • Applied Practitioner Research

Entry Requirement

Those who want to join the degree programme should have completed a minimum of 120 credits out of the total of 240 credits at Level 5 (Year 2). The applicants should be able to present either HND in Health & Social Care or HND in Healthcare Management certificate.

Non-UK applicants, whose mother tongue is not English, must prove their proficiency in English that is equivalent to IELTS with an overall band score of 6, with not less than 5.5 in any section in line with university policy.

In Mont Rose College, we ensure that the student is able to gain the practical knowledge with the classroom teachings. The successful completion of the degree programme at MRC provides the students with the following skills:

  • Accessibility to assess the complex needs of patients and service users within a framework of practice
  • Problem-solving skill with an innovative approach to promoting the changes
  • Ability to improve the new opportunities within the health and social care sector
  • Ability to challenge inappropriate behaviour at the workplace
  • Ability to implement a range of complex theories and approaches that includes collaborative working, safeguarding, leadership and management, all this in the setting of health and social care
  • Ability to tackle any situation either at the workplace or career, projecting sustainability and transformation

Mont Rose College takes special care for their students by creating a unique learning environment. They strongly believe that if the students are provided with a friendly study atmosphere, they can explore more, and this will automatically raise their reputation in society.

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