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A Great Journey with Pearson Edexcel BTEC

Pearson Edexcel BTEC: An Overview

Pearson gives the brand name for Pearson Edexcel BTEC for academic and general qualifications, which include GCSEs and A levels as well as some vocational qualifications, such as NCQs and Functional Skills.

Edexcel began its journey as an awarding organisation and later in 1996 it merged with London Examinations and BTEC courses. When Pearson became the awarding organisation on April 2013, the Edexcel became a qualification brand. Today, it tends to be the most reputed and leading Pearson’s brand.

Edexcel BTEC qualifications are meant for advanced learners to help them develop their practical knowledge and skills in the chosen field of study. Edexcel qualifications help the learners to either proceed with further education or to move on with employment.

These courses are structured in a way that they emit the quality and tradition of the British education system, thus, are relevant for the both the UK and international students.

Pearson Edexcel Primary and Lower Secondary qualification can also be offered to the students of aged 8 to 19 by the International schools.

What is Pearson Edexcel BTEC Qualification?

Edexcel qualifications are the world’s most reputed and highly-renowned qualification that provide the learner with the opportunity to succeed in life with Pearson Education is an internationally recognised brand that prepares learner for both, academic achievements and employment career.

Importance of Pearson Edexcel Qualifications

Edexcel qualification has helped many students to mark a difference in their lives, whether it’s in the classroom or at the workplace.

Edexcel qualifications are the ideal pathway for today’s universities; they offer learners with access to future opportunities. This qualification system standard is the combination of a forward-thinking approach and international content.

Pearson also provides the teachers with the high-tech support that allows them to help the students achieve their full potential and make the most of the studies.

Future with Edexcel BTEC Qualification

The Edexcel qualifications can provide you with a variety of options such as:

  • Placing you on the right path of employment
  • The opportunity to continue in education
  • The opportunity to go with an Apprenticeship Scheme

After successful completion of GCSE, AS or A level, Applied A level, BTEC National, NVQ or a BTEC Apprenticeship you may apply for university, BTEC Apprenticeships, BTEC Higher Nationals courses, or go directly to employment.

The Edexcel certificates have the same status as GCSE in terms of university entry requirements. International GCSE qualifications are recognised globally with academic content, and the assessments are designed specifically for international learners.

What is the Edexcel BTEC National Certification?

BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) Nationals are level 3 vocational qualifications that provide speciality in a particular sector with work-related learning. Across a variety of sectors, BTEC Nationals equips the students with specific knowledge, practical skills and understanding of the sector. All these need to progress along with the chosen learning and career paths.

They are the extended diploma qualifications that are organised and awarded by Pearson. These qualifications are taken to gain entry to Higher education. They can be obtained after successful completion of a full-time, three-year course. Such course provides live training with regular classroom classes.

Edexcel BTEC courses are available in Business Marketing, Business Accounting and Finance, Hospitality Management, Health and Social Care, Healthcare Management, etc.

BTEC programme in Healthcare is the best course for school leavers who wish to have a career in nursing, midwifery or any other health professional. The usual entry requirement for BTEC level 3 is at least five GCSE subject passes at A*, A, B or C grade that covers Maths, English and Science.

An appropriate BTEC First Diploma with a merit grade or a relevant NVQ at level 2 or an Intermediate GNVQ is accepted with this equivalent entry qualification. For the students of BTEC level 3 extended diploma, it is possible to leave the course after 1 and ¼ years with a BTEC National Certification. It must have cleared all the subjects from the first year to proceed further with studies and career.

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