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Be extraordinary with a hospitality career

The hospitality industry is one of the UK’s biggest growth sectors, with the devalued pound bringing an international tourism bonanza and the relative strength of the euro leading many UK holiday makers to seek breaks closer to home. But did you know it’s also one which allows unprecedented freedom and exciting opportunities you may not get anywhere else? Here are three ways that hospitality could mean a unique career path to suit your passions!

Outdoor adventures in hospitality careers

An office job isn’t for everyone, but who is lucky enough to get paid for having fun outdoors? Adventure tourism is one of the fastest growing markets in the hospitality careers industry, with a worldwide value of over $7 trillion in 2015, forecast to grow by more than 45% by 2020, so there’s plenty of opportunity for thrill seekers looking to grow their careers and their passports at the same time. There’s also plenty of opportunity in the UK too, with a huge variety of activities from caving to climbing and rafting to swimming available in our many wild locations and national parks. You can take on the challenge at all levels – from a hands-on instructor role to the administration side, or even as an entrepreneur, whilst still enjoying the sports and activities you love.


For most people, the more work they do, the more tied to a specific career path they are. If you fear getting stuck in a rut, hospitality can help! One of the best things about working in hospitality is the raft of transferable skills you’ll pick up in areas from people management to financial skills, business management and hosting. As a result, you’ll be able to deploy those skills anywhere – from a Highlands B&B to a cruise ship in the Indian Ocean. And the more experience you have of different walks of life, the more employable you’ll be to future employers further down the line. So if you feel that variety is the spice of life, look no further than a hospitality management courses!

Aim for the stars

In some jobs, no matter how good you are, the nature of the industry limits how high you can reach – from salary to status. However, the sheer size of the hospitality industry means that if you have the business skills and a good mind for the work, there is always bigger fish to fry. Managers of casinos, large hotels and restaurants can easily earn over six figures, but if that’s not enough for you, you can always aim for ownership of regions or even whole continents as part of international groups. Almost uniquely, hospitality is an industry where you can have no limits to your potential.

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