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Backup Everything experiences huge global growth in 2017 with much more to come in 2018

One of the fastest growing cloud backup providers over the last 3 years, Backup Everything (BE) has seen exponential customer acquisitions over the past 12 months alone and is looking to project further revenue growth in the coming year and beyond.

“We’ve had an immense 3 years from being a start-up business to now being a fully established and recognized cloud backup provider to customers all around the world”, said Jane Evans, Sales & Marketing Director of Backup Everything. “For 8 consecutive quarters, we have grown on average 30% per quarter and we aim to exceed this figure during 2018. Our USP is that we are not a pushy sales company but rather we educate our customers as to why cloud backup is important plus give all in one low pricing, it’s really as simple as that”.

With GDPR hot on the horizon, Backup Everything stores customers data in a primary UK data centre which is then replicated to a secondary UK data centre geographically miles apart in distance. Both sites are ISO 27001 certified with the solution being encrypted in flight and at rest.

For non-UK customers, data centres are available in USA, Europe and Asia with the ability to open up further local DC’s should there be any specific requirement from any customer, instantaneously.

“After an extensive search of backup providers, we tested the Backup Everything solution and found it to be the only cloud service to meet our customer’s needs”, said Anas Shorbaji, MD of AM-PC. “The support team is very good and the whitelabel branding, gives us a further add-value to our client base”.

Key Highlights of BE:
  • Growth of 30% per each of the last 8 consecutive quarters
  • Exclusive partnerships in USA, South America, Israel, Vietnam, UK and Germany
  • Free Whitelabel backup solution available to all resellers + 2nd tier resellers under the parent
  • Cloud to Cloud backup of Office 365 (Exchange, SharePoint and Onedrive) available
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About Backup Everything

A provider of cost effective online backup services to small businesses and enterprises directly and through a network of exclusive global partners. Data is stored in secure DC’s with support for Windows, Mac, Linux, VMware, Hyper-V, plus many applications as well as Cloud services such as Office 365. Backup Everything has been recommended highly by PC Pro, IT Pro, CloudWedge, BestBackups and Comparitech over a series of reviews.

Backup Everything Contact

Jane Evans
P: + 44 (0) 345 055 9207

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