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Best College for HND Health and Social Care Level 5 Course

If you are a professional already working in the healthcare sector, you might realize how the industry limits your professional growth when you don’t have the right qualifications. If you have given an ample amount of time to your career and still your management won’t allow you to take a better position with a higher paying job, it is understandable that you need a new degree that can provide you with the edge that you need to succeed. The HND Health and Social Care Level 5 Course can be the turning point for your career in the healthcare industry.

The applicants of the HND Health and Social Care Level 5 Course should already have qualified for the HNC Health and Social Care. They also have a clear idea about the way they want their life to turn out and their professional goals. They have an intention of being recognized nationwide in the field of health and social care.

A profession in the healthcare industry is very rewarding in the moral sense as well. It allows you to work with senior citizens, children or disabled people of the community. In this situation, you can make a significant change in their health. The nation currently has a shortage of qualified care providing professionals. There will never be a better time for a career in the care industry.

The course is equivalent to the second year of the university degree’s study. The duration of the course is 2 years. New intakes are accepted in the January/April and September of every year. The course is full time and requires the student to be present in the UK throughout the duration of this course.

Why HND Health and Social Care Level 5 Course is necessary for every healthcare professional?

  • There is a huge demand for healthcare jobs because healthcare is the fastest growing job sector. As the people become more aware about the diseases which are spreading around them and the medical facilities reach right at their doorstep, the number of people providing it also increases drastically.
  • There are a lot of different career choices in the healthcare industry as there is something for everyone with this job. The graduated student can start to work in medical technology offices, labs or directly with patients in homes, hospitals or clinics.
  • The money matters of this job are quite secure as it pays very well to competent people who have the zeal to make their way out by benefitting millions of people.
  • Working in the healthcare sector makes you responsible for people’s lives. You meet them in a condition where they are fighting illnesses with their body and nurse them back to health in a place where they can lead a happy life. The satisfaction is undeniable.
  • If you are a person who loves meeting other people, this job can give you a great amount of satisfaction as you can meet a vast multitude of people every day. You get to interact with patients and bring about a positive change in their life. In some cases, you also get to interact with doctors and medical staff which can improve your knowledge about the field. You can also interact with researchers. Scientists and technology experts if you want to delve into the research aspects of the industry.
  • When you are good at your job and also have the right certification, you get promoted to move up to higher positions. These positions will give you a better status, higher payment and eventually, a higher standard of living.
  • You don’t have to stick to one job if you don’t like it, you can move up the ladder by gaining more certifications or having an experience in something that can give your career a different direction. Healthcare has a variety of specializations for you to choose from.
  • You won’t be the person who is stuck at their job for eternity. They have to sit at their desk and work all day which leads to depression and boredom from work. Healthcare jobs are all about making a change in people’s lives. If there is a need to take care of people’s health and save them from the claws of death, a healthcare professional can be termed as a messenger of god.

Above all, the satisfaction that comes after you have taken care of other people in need and nursed them back to health cannot be compared with any salary. This is why healthcare with HND Health and Social Care Level 5 Course is a noble profession absolutely perfect for your budding career.

HND Health and Social Care Level 5 Course Requirements

The course requires a certification in HND Health and Social Care Level 5 Course as a requirement. You also need to have passed A-level examination or their equivalent. An access to a higher education certificate from the previous organization is also needed. Relevant work experience of a minimum of 100 hours is needed. An enhanced DBS certificate proving that you do not have a criminal background is needed.

For students coming from non–english speaking countries, IELTS 6.0 score or CEFR B2 is mandatory for admission. The above degree in reading, writing, listening, and speaking is required.

Application process for HND Health and Social Care Level 5 Course

In order to apply for HND Health and Social Care Level 5 Coursedownload the application form from, then return it with the relevant qualification documents to the email address

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