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How to get admission in HND Health and Social Care Management Course

If you are on the lookout for a rewarding and caring profession, this blog will lead you to the right end of the road. There is no greater happiness as compared to the one that comes from protecting lives. Providing care to people who need it like small children and senior citizens who might lose their well being to illness is one of the satisfying parts of a career in health care. If you are already working in a health and social care setting but wish to improve your prospects for the career ahead, you can take the HND Health and Social Care Management course from MR College, UK.

Course Details about HND Health and Social Care Management

This is a highly valuable and nationally recognised qualification. This course starts 3 times in anyear namely – January, April and September. The course can be taken up as a full time or part time course. The duration of the course is about 2-3 years. The certification for this course is awarded by Pearson. The award is technically called BTEC HND Health and Social Care Management Diploma.

The people who already have work experience of working in the healthcare sector need to provide proofs about the work that they have done. If you have never worked in the healthcare sector, you need to find a relevant job in an organisation before you can start this course. A minimum of 200 hours of work experience is need to pass this course and graduate as a HND Health and Social Care Management Professional.

For entering into the course, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age. He should also have a level 3 qualification (or equivalent) or at least 4 GCSEs, one GCE A level with a good command of the English Language. Applicants over the age of 2 without formal qualifications but relevant work experience can also be accepted. People having overseas equivalent qualifications are also accepted.

All applicants must have certified proof that they have a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 overall and 5.0 in all sections. Applicants also have to go through the Literacy and Numeracy Test in the admission process for HND Health and Social Care Management as a part of this selection process. The end decision will be decided after an interview at the end of the selection process.

Future Prospects after HND Health and Social Care Management

Once you have completed the HND Health and Social Care Management, you can use the HND to get admitted to a Nursing Course on the basis of your grades. For a career in nursing, you will need a full degree program but this has to be funded by the NHS. You can also enter a relatively similar degree if you check with the chosen university about their requirements.

Different universities have varied requirements and prerequisites, making it worth checking to decide which university you will finally go to. If you are not sure about the payment of the fees and how you would be able to afford it or not, go to the scholarship details for more information and application details.

If you want to start work directly after the HND Health and Social Care Management Diploma, you can find out jobs with more managerial roles that will be higher paying and respectful. The grades that you receive in HND may have you to be the turning point for your career as a healthcare professional.

About the HND Health and Social Care Management Course

The course covers some basic operations that change the way people look at health and social care services. Some subjects include managing of human resources, handling of finances and bringing about a change. You can also undertake your own research project. After completing this course you will become eligible to have a career with businesses and administrative offices that deal with healthcare and related facilities.

The city itself has a wide range of options for you to choose from for your career with HND Health and Social Care Management. You can work in public, private and specialist institutions. The number of patients that you have to deal with also requirements. The course contains a total of 16 modules which can be tailored to suit the specific interests of the people.

The course contains modules that train you to deal with Health and Social Care Professionals. You are also taught the principles of social care practice.

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