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Winter Florals

The Trending Stuff About Winter Florals

Florals were in spring and summer and they are still in this winter. To make them more season appropriate, stick to the monotone colours that keep your outfit looking warm and suitable for the dark winter days. Replace the eye-popping, colourful designs with the more subtle designs that add a depth to your ensemble and add that extra touches of femininity to your look. Not only do they look fashionable, the floral trend is one of the most veritile looks out there. Whether for a formal setting, fancy occasion or a casual day, these florals can be incorporated into any occasion.

Haze Velvet Dress

This long maxi dress incorporates subtle hues of floral across the top and the sleeves, giving the dress that extra detail. The velvet mixed with the florals makes it winter appropriate, keeping you warm while looking stylish. The boho vibe gives the dress that unique look that can be worn both for a special occasion or a casual event.

Missesramiss Lace dress

This stunning maxi dress with floral lace all over is the ultimate way to wear florals for the winter season. The deep tones make it suitable for the colder days, with the lace and florals giving that fancy element, making it a perfect dress to wear during the holiday and festive season.

Touche lace sleeve shirt

Want a more casual look with lace? This black shirt by Touche featuring lace embroidered sleeves is the perfect way to incorporate florals into your look without looking too feminine. The shirt with the short collar gives it that formal vibe, whereas the loose fitting and the floral pattern gives off a laid-back everyday look.

Nahide shirt

Layering is key when it comes to the winter time. These lightweight shirts with the embroidered floral design across the shoulders. Embroidery will always be a winter favorite, therefore incorporating floral designs that are embroidered are another great way to transition this piece into winter.

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