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Abaya Dress

Want a twist on your traditional Abaya dress?

Here are a few of our top Abaya dresses that are perfect to incoporate into your winter wardrobe. Dress fashionably and stylish while keeping modest with our range of Abayas. It can become quite difficult to feel inspired when it comes to styling your traditional Abaya, yet, these pieces make it easy to look chic and put together with minimal hassle. These easy to style pieces are all you need for an outfit that us both stylish and reservative. With extra details, layers, colours and cuts, these pieces put a spin on your usual Abaya, turning it into a statement piece that will have you looking like a fashionista in no time.

Lace Sleeve Abaya

Add a pop of colour and design with this black Abaya with white sleeves, overlayed with black lace. The lace detail gives that extra touch of classiness that transforms the traditional Abaya dress into a stylish piece. The zip through gives the Abaya a contemporary look and makes it an easy piece to wear that can be worn open and closed for a versatile look.

Lace Bordered Abaya

This basic and traditional Abaya with lace strips across the sleeves and the bottom half of the Abaya adds an extra depth to the look. Also with the zip through, this Abaya looks trendy as well as classy. Lace has a way of always making an outift look more feminine and adds a soft touch. The black makes it wearable for any casual occasion, but this can be dressed up if worn open with a  dress underneath.

Burgundy Abaya

This basic Abaya dress adds a dash of colour to your wardrobe with its maroon tone. Keeping winter appropriate, the deeper tone ensures that this Abaya is your go to winter piece. With a zip through detail, the styling possibilities are endless. Wear as an open jacket for a casual look with jeans and a top, or with a slip underneath for a smart look. Alternatively, wear this closed for a put together look.

Floral bordered Abaya

This two-piece set is a must in any wardrobe. Its versitility allows you to create various different outfits. The cream dress Abaya is simple and elegant and can be styled in any way you want for a casual or a special event. The open lace Abaya over the top adds that extra bit of elegance that turns this outfit into a staple piece. The floral boarder at the bottom gives that extra detail that makes you go wow!

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