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Hung Up on Style: Why Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture Are More Popular Than Ever?

Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture— A Practical and Space Saving Solution

The modest wall mounted vanity unit, perfect for adding functionality and style into the bathroom has become a popular investment amongst most households. It is an innovative replacement of the old-style basin and pedestal.

Vanity Units are an elegant way to maximize your bathroom space. If your bathroom is small-sized and lacks space for installing a basin and a vanity unit separately, then a unit blending the two is entirely perfect. You get access to the basin while having enough storage space to store all your bathroom stuff elegantly.

The wall-mounted vanity unit are sometimes known as a ‘floating’ unit. They are usually common in hotel rooms, offices, high-end restaurants, etc. But nowadays it has become immensely popular in homes as well.

My Bubble Bath stocks a broad range of wall-hung furniture for bathroom, available in different shapes and sizes. So, you can get the one that is best matched to your bathroom.

Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture— Versatility Vs Functionality

The beauty of the wall hung vanity unit is their availability in such a vast range of contemporary designs, finishes, styles, and more importantly, size.

Vanity units usually have a combination of either a drawer or door and a ceramic or resin basin. It is perfect for adding a stylish finishing touch to your bathroom. Benefits of choosing a bathroom vanity unit rather than the regular basin units with pedestal are many. The essential advantage is the ample storage space the unit provides.

Although, cleaning the traditional basin and pedestal may be quite easy. However, it often ends getting messy with various bathroom stuff. While the bathroom vanity units offer a space for bathroom products to keep your bathroom and basin clutter-free.

It is a bathroom improvement that is as smart as it is stunning. Wall-mounted vanity units do wonders for a bathroom’s usability and design. Hanging the vanity on the wall instead of doing the whole cabinetry-on-the-floor thing in your bathroom is a great idea.

Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture— Why You Should Consider Getting Your Vanity Off the Ground?

  1. It is Keeping Up with the Trends

wall hung bathroom vanity gives your bathroom the futuristic, elegant and unique look. There is something sort of ultramodern about them, but they are still built in the stylistic tropes of eternal design. They are increasingly adopted exclusively by being different, without being too different.

  1. It is Innovative and Creative

Their inherent customizability is what makes wall hung bathroom furniture different. Since they are mounted on a wall, it lets you be much more selective with where you are placing your vanity, and also how low or high the countertop is.

Since the wall-mounted vanities don’t have to be dependent on a flat and stable surface to stay straight, specific models are cleverly designed. Take a look:

  • Wall mounted vanities like the “Desire High Gloss Grey wall-mounted Vanity Unit with basin” are perfect additions to your bathroom.
  • The wall mounted Tall storage cabinet

The modularity of these wall-mounted bathroom basins means you can mix and match to your taste.

The level of personalization is pretty exclusive to wall-mounted vanities, and surely makes them even more popular!

  1. It is Light as a Feather, Solid as a Board

Due to their modularity, a wall mounted furniture is extremely easy to move around, and are built to last a lifetime. They are significantly lighter than their big, floor-standing, one-piece furniture partners.

Wall-mounted vanities, because of their unique installation methods are usually built to be even stronger than regular floor-standing models. The motive behind this is to efficiently endure all the warping and variations that accompany a humid environment.

  1. It Gives Space

Another most significant benefit to wall-mounted bathroom furniture is the amount of space they can make available in your bathroom.

Floating the vanity means the flooring can spread all the way to the wall, which straight away makes a bathroom look more spacious. And wall-hung bathroom furniture creates more functional space for storing pieces. A little foot room underneath the sink goes a long way.

The two principal purposes of extra free space are— to make the room appear more prominent, and give you more place to arrange and store bathroom stuff.

Now, having functional space under a vanity won’t cost you much, of course. But it will give you just sufficient space for a basket or two, perfect for toiletries, towels or linens.

Or you can keep it empty to create the illusion of more space. A big looking bathroom can make the space more relaxing and comfortable. And you have a bathroom that feels more open can-do real wonders for the bottom-line value of your home.

Floating vanities are the look of the future. They are economical, practical and very, very cool.

  1. It Makes Cleaning Easier

No awkward nooks! No corners! No place for dust bucks to hide! Giving the vanity some space means you can actually clean there without any hassle.

  1. It Can Simplify the Sink

Get a contemporary flow by picking a monochromatic wall mounted furniture. In addition to a sophisticatedly minimalist look, it will also boast your bathroom’s other showstoppers, like a beautiful view or freestanding tub.

It is suitable for the uber-organized. If you are someone who love organizing your cotton swabs, geek out over towel folding and can find your favourite makeup stuff under a minute, a floating vanity allows you to flaunt your storage zen with the open space under-sink.

  1. It Means More Area for Radiant Heat or Underfloor Heating

Are you investing in underfloor heating or radiant-heat flooring to keep your toes toasty? Hang your vanity on the wall to make the most of the warmth where you stand at the sink.

Many contractors often insist on free-standing or floating vanities to prevent overheating.

  1. It is Ideal for Family Bathrooms

With lots of open space underneath, a wall-hung vanity means you have space for a grandmother’s walker or wheelchair or a toddler’s step-stool. Wall hung bathroom furniture are perfect options for family bathrooms.

Choosing a Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture at My Bubble Bath

If you have smaller-sized bathrooms, wall-mounted bathroom furniture is a good option. My Bubble Bath offer lots of compact wall mounted vanity units available in a range of styles, colours and finishes.

A single drawer or door vanity unit can fit ideally into a small bathroom. Many features a slim-line design, a reduced basin depth, compact dimensions and practical storage small but sufficient enough to tuck away efficiently into the trickiest of spaces.

Not to forget, that small vanity units best fit smaller taps. My Bubble Bath offers an extensive range of high-quality taps available in a variety of shapes, finishes and styles. Every product offered at MBB are sourced from leading brands only.

While if you are looking for vanity units for a big bathroom suite, wall hung ones are a perfect way to open up and create a cosy bathroom setting.

The Desire High Gloss White Wall-mounted Vanity Unit with 2 soft close drawers and basin offers a considerable amount of space, making it perfect for family bathrooms.

This superlative vanity unit delivers a basin wash station and lots of space within the unit’s 2 drawers, making it a well-liked choice amongst larger families.

Whatever amount of space you are dealing with, a wall hung bathroom furniture is a stylish and versatile solution to any sized bathroom suite.

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