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Preparing for your degree course or top up degree courses in London

Off to Higher Education in a few weeks? Enjoying the summer before knuckling down to gaining qualifications or a top up degree?

Here are a few important tips for preparing for student life. Though these may seem obvious, there is sometimes more to it than meets the eye.

Money matters

You have hopefully secured your student loan by now. If not, you need to act quickly and go online to get help

However, that is just part of the story. Even those studying for an accountancy, business or finance degree are as susceptible as anyone else to money challenges.

Take some time to make a detailed and realistic plan for making your money stretch out. Budgets may seem boring, but getting into serious debt or not eating at the end of each term is far worse.

Moving in and about

It’s never too soon to start looking at where you will live while you study, but getting accommodation is just the first step. You need to consider transport arrangements too. Do you know how to get between your college or university and your digs? What are the cost implications (see above) and how can you travel about by the cheapest means. Would this be a good time to invest in a bike?

Cook and save students

If you can’t already find your way around a kitchen, this summer is the time to develop some basic cooking skills.

Being able to make a shopping list is more of a skill than you probably realise too. You need to be able to rustle up your own meals but also develop the ability to only shop for what you really need. Avoiding wasting food or buying too many luxury items can make a big difference to staying on top of student finances.

Here’s a shocking fact for you. In 2015, the UK threw away 13bn worth of food. Students can definitely not afford to add to that statistic.

Research everything before you choose top up degree courses in London

There are lots of great online resources aimed at students, to help you find good deals. This includes guides on the best places to eat, shop and hang out on a budget. If in doubt when out and about, always ask if student discounts are available.

Carefully consider any subscriptions that might help your money go further too, such as an NUS Extra Card or a 16 to 25-year-olds railcard.

Coming to study a degree or a diploma in teaching at Mont Rose College in Ilford? You’ll want to find good deals on transport and other costs to make your cash stretch. Thankfully, there’s lots of information available online and from our student support services.

Good luck for next year!

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