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How to prepare for IELTS Reading Test?

Reading test time duration is for about 60 minutes. There will be three reading passages with total word counts for about 2000 to 2750 words; there will be 40 questions. Based on the Academic Reading and General Training Reading the test will be conducted. The time duration for those 40 questions to be answered is only 60 minutes and no longer extra time will be allowed.

The Reading Texts are taken from magazines, books, journals and newspaper.

How to handle your IELTS Reading Test before you start answering the questions:

Below are some of important points and tips on improving your IELTS Reading Test.

  1. You won’t be reading the way you normally do during your spare time, you need to get proper information from the text as soon as possible.
  2. Develop your skills for per question in reading test. They will be 14 different type of question asked, you should be able to understand and tackle each one. Sometimes questions will come in order and others don’t. So this might be time-saving but try to locate the correct answers.
  3. One of the simple tricks to score good rank in IELTS Reading test is SKIM and SCAN. Whereas you should be capable of skimming and scanning all the passages as quickly as possible. Skim the passage to get a better idea about the passage before you tackle the questions. Scanning is nothing about your capability to get information fast and that has no relation to a comprehension of the passage.
  4. Need to develop your speed-reading knowledge. Time limit for reading a very strict and its just 60-minute, so you need to act quickly. You should develop speed-reading skills that will make you easier in finding answers.
  5. Trying to understand the full passage is not necessary. Your task is to acquire the correct answers. Most of the questions are to test your ability to locate the correct information given.
  6. You need to develop your vocabulary, and this is one of the biggest reasons why students are not able to score well. Learning vocabulary is not just learning the meaning of a word, it’s about how and where to use it or not.
  7. Keywords are will be given in the passage and you be able to identify them and spot it correctly. First, you should learn to spot the correct keywords and check whether the keywords are able to paraphrase.
  8. Grammar is very important to learn to answer and spot the correct keyword. Grammar can help you spot the correct answer.
  9. Practice the reading lessons for IELTS Test regularly to improve the score. Unless you practice it properly you won’t be able to achieve good scores.
  10. Try to read difficult passages when you have enough time before your test taker. You should develop your reading skills and familiarity with complicated passages on a difficult topic.
  11. You can find IELTS Practice Reading Test online and also on YouTube to develop your skills, practice different types of questions and enhance your vocabulary.
  12. When your answers are wrong you should be able to understand where the problem starts and what is your weakness. Until unless you understand your weakness you won’t be able to improve. Check your weakness and know the reason why you get your answers wrong and correct it.
  13. You should plan your training test for IELTS Reading Test
  • Develop your vocabulary and paraphrasing limitation
  • Practicing on a particular type of questions
  • Improve Speed Skills in locating information
  • Practice test under exam condition, this will improve your confidence level and speed.
  • Test your score on each test and check your improvement.
  1. Prepare for GT test. The first two paragraph is different from the academic but the third one is similar.

Try to practice as much when you have spare time. Only by practicing you can improve skills and score the good result. You must prepare properly before your exam dates. People who are native also need to prepare by learning about different types of questions and improve skills.

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