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Pick an Ideal Cloud Storage Service for your Business

Every business needs a reliable Cloud storage service plan to prevent critical data against loss. Get a detailed insight into competitive Cloud backup solutions delivered by Backup Everything to decide one that best match your business environment.

A Glimpse to Backup Everything Plans & Features

Data backup is important, but many organizations spend a lot of time figuring out what backup solution they must opt for to provide complete security over business critical information. Here, we bring the best backup solutions offered by Backup Everything at one place to help you pick the most appropriate for your business.

BE Big Data

BE Big Data is based on world’s first robust platform that enables data orchestration. The unique backup solution offers automated backup, offsite replication and instant recovery features with easy set-up and simple integration for hybrid Cloud.

Backup Everything BE Big Data features security, policy driven infrastructure, orchestration, analytics and instant search, making it more scalable. Incremental replication is delivered incorporated with FIPS-140-2 encryption, instant VM Mount and global file level recovery.

It is an API first architecture solution that enables user to develop end-to-end workflows in automated manner using APIs. It incorporates Cloud Data Management platform that enable users purchase resources as per business requirements.

BE Business

Backup Everything offers BE Business Cloud storage service specifically designed to backup PCs, Servers, VMWARE, Hyper-V, Exchange, SQL, Mac, Linux and more. Backup Everything stores data within the datacentres located at that particular location, for example: UK data is stored in UK datacentres; this way it complies with data protection guidelines and regulations.

Backup Everything Datacentres are located in USA, UK, EU and Asia; thus the data is stored and managed from local datacentres. This makes backup data highly available and assures restore operation to accomplish even faster.

Backup services are available for all business types; irrespective of the volume of data that you need to store on Cloud drive. Mobile interface enables iOS and Android users to explore the benefits of the application right from anywhere.

BE Cloud to Cloud

This is perhaps one of the best backup storage offerings for organizations who rely 100% on Cloud. As a matter of fact, several factors makes Cloud infrastructure weak and susceptible to risks such as unauthorized access by intruders, downtime and more. Backing up Cloud data on another Cloud drive can be your best bet if you are tech savvy looking for additional security layer.

With this, you can even backup the data stored on Salesforce, Office OneDrive, Office Exchange, Office SharePoint, Box, Google Apps or other cloud storage platforms. Backup Everything Cloud to Cloud solution insures data by providing full coverage against loss or corruption and ensures complete recovery in the event of disaster.

It allows backing up business data including chatter feeds and metadata from Salesforce and enables users’ backup files and folders from

BE StorageCraft

Backup Everything StorageCraft is an image backup and disaster recovery solution designed for customers who want to capture and store full images of their environment. Businesses require a robust one-stop backup solution that ensures cross platform compatibility to safeguard complete IT environment.

Different versions of BE StorageCraft includes:

  • StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX to provide data protection, backup and disaster recovery and managed system migration for Linux and Windows systems on physical and virtual machines.
  • StorageCraft ImageManager serves as a free management application to help businesses become disaster resistant.
  • StorageCraft Granular Recovery meant for organizations running over client server infrastructure such as Microsoft Exchange Server and MS Outlook.
  • StorageCraft Shadow Control offers complete visibility to backup operations ensuring smooth running of all integrated tasks. Any impending issues or technical errors can be resolved beforehand and measures can be taken to eliminate the occurrence of any unexpected errors. This protects the environment by executing best resolutions and practices in place.

BE Whitelabel

Backup Everything’s Whitelabel service is developed for resellers who intent to provide dedicated Cloud backup solutions under their own product line. The data is stored in Datacentres located in UK, EU, USA and Asia and hence no data travels offshore. Thus, the backup solutions meet GDPR rules.

The solutions are compatible with multiple operating systems and applications. All the data backup solutions are entrusted among SMB and SME markets. For getting started with BE Whitelabel solutions, the organizations needs to send their high quality logo to Backup Everything.

The backup software is then branded as the client’s own product and dedicated download link is provided to install over customer’s Server and desktops. BE Whitelabel supports Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, HyperV, VMWare and SharePoint environment.

The information given above is sufficient to get a detailed understanding of backup solutions provided by Backup Everything. Now, the question arise which solution is a best fit for your business.

Best Backup Solution for your Business

Backup Everything delivers a wide range of backup solutions altered to various demands of business organizations. Well, you can pick an appropriate option aligned to your business needs considering specific criteria:

  • The size of your business and number of employees working in the organization
  • Number of files and folders to store or volume of data that needs to be backed up on daily basis
  • Type of operating system environment and IT infrastructure that your business rely upon
  • If your organization runs over client server environment
  • If you need a customized backup solution to implement as your own brand
  • If you need a comprehensive solution to backup data stored on Cloud

Through robust backup service platform, you can protect your business data against any unexpected circumstances. Set-up services are provided by the service provider itself at no additional cost. With Backup Everything, you will get a trusted backup solution that keeps your business processes running round the clock and provides the flexibility to work right from any location.

You can contact Backup Everything experts to discuss your business requirements. Based on your specific needs and business environment, the technicians will suggest best Cloud storage service for your organization. To get a better understanding of backup solutions and their features, you can install and try its demo version for 30 days without making any initial investment.

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