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Remote Backup Solutions for Small Business

Data loss is the condition that none of us wants to face. This loss is irrespective of business size, individual capacity and the scale of IT infrastructure. There is a need to clarify one misunderstanding that there is no surety that data loss will definitely occur. The probability of this to happen depends on the number of factors like network security, quality of hardware and the ways in which data transfers are managed or handled.

Statistics tell that industry suffers an annual loss of $1.7 billion, just because of poor data protection measures. Although there has been an immense growth in the employment of backup solutions but still it has been noted that for some sectors, backup sets aren’t producing fruitful results.

There are plenty of reasons for this suspected shortcoming. The foremost one is the usage of traditional backup storage methods like backups on the external hard drive, tape drive, compact disks and USB flash drives. In this time of fast-forwarding technology, these methods do not longer make sense.

As small business lacks a handful amount of capital, so for them cloud backups are an ideal choice to go for. They are basically an antonym of remote backup solutionsCloud backup does not only offer a cost-effective continuous backup solution, but it also offers a highly reliable and simple online backup service. This thing is very handy, especially from the perspective of the small businesses, as they don’t have to worry much about the investment pertaining to an in-house backup setup. By opting for an offsite data backup solution, user’s data will be backed up seamlessly and autonomously. In this way, rather than worrying about the amounts of data backups, users can focus more on their business growth.

Companies Offering Remote Backup Solutions

Remote backup services are a hot topic in today’s world of data backup and recovery. Keeping up with the pace of their growing demand, there are many remote backup software providers. But as we know very well that for the sustainability of the business, quality matters a lot.

So, in this lieu, businesses, especially small businesses, cannot afford to use sub-standard offsite backups. It is neither good for their business’s sustainability nor for their market reputation. The following are some of the most famous remote backup solution providers. Depending on their

features and services, an aspirant can choose the relevant one:

Backup Everything

Backup Everything is the proud provider of versatile yet customized cloud backup solutions. The diverse backup solutions are tailored to meet the backup needs of every company. For anyone looking forward to saving the business from any sort of data loss or disaster, Backup Everything should come first.

Backup Everything offers different top-notch features related to backup solutions, such as data compression, personalized retention rules, web-portal to monitor and gauge ongoing backups, high security, regular analysis to optimize cost and backup routines as well as regulatory compliance.

For the more enhanced business features, Backup Everything offers MS Exchange backups, scheduled backups, incremental backups, open file backups, virtual machine backups, and hybrid backups.

Depending on the business size, Backup Everything offers options like PC backup as well as backup server. The company offers unlimited cloud backup for up to five computers for just £10 per month. However, for the backup servers, Backup Everything has introduced two price slabs. In the first slab, 100 GB of cloud storage is offered against the monthly payment of £10. In the second price slab, customers can get unlimited cloud storage by paying £30 per month.


Acronis has been providing remote backup solutions to businesses for the last 5 years. With 12 data centres all across the world and over 50 PB of physical storage space, it is an excellent client software supported backup utility for Acronis Files Cloud, Acronis Backup Cloud, vSphere, Hyper V, MS Exchange, Open Xchange or any general shared storage.

According to the reviews, Acronis is five times faster than their competitors. It offers backup services for universal data. This means that Acronis is capable of backing up the file, block, cold and hot data. It is equipped with the Rapid GUI management, Controllable TCO and extra security with blockchain data protection.

Jungle Disk

Jungle Disk is an excellent backup utility for backing up important server data and complete data of the employees. With its backup software, the users can save their business from every type of cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities.

Jungle Disk offers multi-dimensional services like backups for workstations and servers, firewall, malware, and virus protection, content filtering along with VPN. Other features include encrypted off-site backups, Military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, and ransomware shields to stop all kinds of hacker attacks.

It must be noted that Jungle Disk backup solutions come with a backup guarantee of $10,000. This means that if any hacker or malware will breach the security, then the plaintiff will be eligible to claim $10,000 from the Jungle Disk.


Carbonite is quite a simple offsite backup solution for small businesses. It equips businesses with all the tools and services they need to confront data loss situations. Carbonite’s backup solutions are an excellent tool to protect business servers and computers. It is extremely compatible with Microsoft Windows and Apple’s macOS devices.

Carbonite remote backup solutions are capable enough to do live and database application backups for all versions of MS SQL Server as well as Windows NTFS and ReFS files and folders. As far as security is concerned, users can stay assured that their files will be encrypted with a 128-bit Blowfish encryption algorithm


BlackBaze cloud backup solutions are not just cost-effective, they are easy to configure too. As per statistics, BlackBaze has stored 250 million GB of data on its servers. With its backup solution, users were able to recover about 20 billion files.

In the case the user needs to restore data, BlackBaze offers multiple recovery solutions. The excellent one involves the delivery of recovery drive, it can either be a hard drive or USB drive, to the client’s address. Although there are some charges for this service, these charges will be refunded if the client sends back that drive to BlackBaze. It also gives unlimited data backup compatibility with Mac and Windows, and an easy web interface for backup management.

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