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Can Cloud File Sync Replace Backup Solutions?

Cloud File syncing as a form of backup results in user delights but make organizations more vulnerable to risks. Organizations continue to store data across the boundaries and have become increasingly concerned about security challenges such as data protection and global compliance.

Well those who are beginners in online Cloud backup arena are new to the concept of file syncing and file backup. In this article, the difference between the two different terminologies- syncing and backup is explained along with the information that users must know prior to selecting a Cloud backup solution for their crucial data.

Understand File Syncing & Data Backup

Syncing is basically the process to ensure that two or more devices contain the same up-to-date information. These devices could be the laptop, computer, smartphones or iCloud drive. The content is transferred bi-directional. File syncing is a process that ensures that your files and data on iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows are same.

On the other side, data backup refers to replication of most volume of data from the original location to any other storage media. Backup is a technology that makes secondary copy of data. This additional replica makes it possible to restore data in the event of failure when primary data is lost or turns corrupt.

File sync or collaboration requires setting up a folder on cloud drive and moving files to that cloud- based folder. These files are then available immediately for access through Web interface on network enabled device. Popular Services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive sync folders on the laptop or computer to the folders on Cloud drive or other machines.

So file syncing can also be considered as backup because if the original copy goes inaccessible, the secondary copy can be retrieved from the cloud based folder. Availability of the files also subject to the retention policy set by cloud provider.

How important is it to backup data?

Endpoint devices are always at risk of data loss. In any business set-up or at personal level, less than 50% desktop computers are 100% backed up. In Addition, not even 50% of laptops in any organization are completely backed up and less than 25% users ever bother to backup their smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

In the competitive era, IT professionals are bound to adopt and leverage new and updated technology into workplace. With this, it has become important to sync data on smart devices and backup device on a regular basis.

Backup Everything brings along flexible data backup solutions that meets the varying business needs of small and large scale organizations. All backup solutions provide the businesses a choice to safeguard their business-critical data against corruption or permanent loss.

All the information including business details or client information is stored in ISO 27001 certified data centers and the backup solutions are completely HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

What Must be Expected from Cloud Backup Provider?

Backup Everything Cloud storage solutions provide a full coverage against data related issues and satisfy user anxiety related to data privacy concerns.

Security Prevention- The Main Concern

In the era of globalization, the data is turning digital and businesses are becoming more and more concerned about data security. Since small and large scale businesses around the world are liable to store and retain business critical data for several years, it is practical to backup data offsite and then remove it from the primary media to maintain storage capacity.

While maintaining online cloud backup, it is obvious that you possess several accounts and thus you need to remember the username and password credentials for each account. By providing most hybrid infrastructure, Backup Everything assures that all your accounts are well backed up and not even a single bit of data is floating out in cyberspace.

It’s your Data! Get Full Control Over It…

With Backup Everything, you get a complete control over data backup as the Cloud operates as per your command. With 99.9% uptime, you can gain access to your data as and when required. The best disaster recovery plan in place ensures that your data remains safe even in the instance of unplanned circumstances and you will get the quickest access to business critical data to continue to operate smoothly.

Consistent check on the Cloud ensures that the infrastructure is free from all hazards and any sort of unauthorized access attempts are turned down to protect the integrity of business information. The data is encrypted and stored in secure infrastructure to provide optimal protection.

Robust Datacenter Adds to Security Parameters

Online Cloud backup has become common, but very few of us hardly know about Servers and Data centers. True! Since it’s your data, it is vital to understand all related aspects thoroughly. Backup Everything’s well established data centers are highly equipped with advanced equipment that plays a crucial role in retaining data securely.

It is important to maintain proper cooling as the processor generates heat while in operational mode and in the absence of appropriate cooling and ventilation, the efficiency of the processer can decrease. To handle this effectively, the Servers in the data center are placed on racks such that two rows face each other. Racks are placed in such a way that it forms an aisle accessing the front side of the Server.

Cool air sets are blown through the holes within the floor that flows towards the racks. A well-established air conditioning system in place ensures removal of warm air from the data center, making it more efficient to operate and handle bulk data. To ensure enhanced security, the access to the Server room is not granted without prior authorization and even the maintenance staff is allowed to enter into the datacenter premises after performing biometric scans.

So, when it comes to online cloud backup and files syncing services, Backup Everything offers a competitive Cloud infrastructure where you can store, retain and manage your personals and business data efficiently. Backup Everything maintains complete security by following HIPAA and GDPR standards and providing ISO 27001 certified data centers.

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