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Our range of modest Islamic clothing

Modest Islamic Clothing

The Muslim population around the globe is on the rise. With around 1 billion Muslims in the world, dressing modest is now an important factor in the fashion industry and when considering an outfit for many Muslim women. Modest Islamic Clothing, traditionally, consists of darker colours and loose-fitting garments such as Abaya’s, maxi dresses and Tunic tops with long sleeves.

Recently, Muslim fashion is no longer just for Muslims as modest fashion enters the runways and into western fashion houses. Combining Muslim fashion with a western interpretation has led to an increase in modest clothing with a contemporary twist. These modest Islamic clothing for women are not only conservative, but look fashionable and stylish with a sophisticated touch.

How to style modest Islamic clothing

How to style these Islamic women’s clothing with a modern twist?

1. Why not add a dash of colour or print to your traditional Abaya for an easy outfit that is conservative but adds a bit of fun into the basic piece?

2. Pairing tunic tops with culottes can seem quite overpowering, but if done correctly, you can pull off a trendy and preppy look that ensures you are kept modest. When styling culottes with a tunic, make sure the pieces are plain and basic to prevent them from clashing. Opt for a straight cut or slight A-line tunics that sit perfectly over the culottes. For a preppy look, pair this outfit with trainers to complete the look.

3. Maxi dresses with long sleeves are a perfect example of an easy to style piece that is both modern and modest. Not only does it look sophisticated, it eludes a sense of confidence. Investing in a high-quality maxi dress will ensure you continue looking stylish and confident. When picking a maxi dress, look for one with a bit more structure so you aren’t drowned in material.

4. Open Abaya’s are perfect for throwing over an outfit to complete a look. Not only does it look put-together, but is also perfect for layering and keeping you warm during this winter season. An open Abaya can be worn over a tunic/top with trousers or a skirt. Alternatively, they can be worn over an Abaya dress or maxi dress. When styling an open Abaya, ensure that it does not clash with your outfit. Try to stay within 3 colour tones maximum.

5. Maxi skirts are another huge trend this season. Pairing a maxi skirt with a top looks classy and sophisticated, while looking modest and stylish. There are many different ways in which to style a maxi skirt. You can tuck in your top for a put-together look. Or leave it out for a casual look.

Modest Islamic clothing UK

If you are looking for Islamic clothing online, look no further as we come to you with our wide range of clothing items that are perfect for any occasion while looking modest and being covered. We also have a store so you can come down and try on any of the clothing items you liked online to check out the fitting and styles; so if you are looking for Islamic clothing shops in London, feel free to pop down to our store to see all the collections available.

Be sure to check out our sale section to find affordable and cheap Islamic clothing. Find all your favourite pieces at the best possible prices here so you don’t have to break the bank to treat yourself.

If you have any other queries regarding any of our items, feel free to contact our customer service team who will be more than happy to assist you with your shopping experience.

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