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Muslim Dresses UK for Every Occasion

Muslim Dresses UK

It can be so hard to find a dress that is fashionable and stylish but doesn’t reveal any skin. How many of you have been in that situation where you’ve found the perfect dress but realise there’s a massive cut out in the back or there’s no sleeves or the neck line is too low? We have all been there. That is why we have come to you with our Muslim dress design which ensures that there are no revealing parts in your dress while still looking fashionable.

Recently, Muslim fashion is no longer just for Muslims as modest fashion enters the runways and into western fashion houses. Combining Muslim fashion with a western interpretation has led to an increase in modest clothing with a contemporary twist. These clothes for women are not only conservative, but look fashionable and stylish with a sophisticated touch.

Islamic fashion is no longer limited to the Muslim woman, and Muslim women are no longer limited to the traditional and basic pieces. Modest fashion has bought Islamic clothing into a whole new limelight and has given Muslim women greater options when it comes to styling and fashion, while encouraging more women to dress modest.

Our range of Muslim Dresses UK style

Whether you are looking for Muslim prom dresses or a casual Muslim women dress; there is something for everyone here. Here are a few of our favourite pieces that are perfect for all occasions.

This is the perfect if you are looking for Muslim dresses UK style. The long flowy material, paired with the mesh gold detailing on the upper half makes it the ultimate prom dress with an elegant and classy vibe. Don’t worry this dress features a high neck and long sleeves so nothing will be on show.

If you are looking for a Muslim maxi dress for an everyday look then this long tunic is the one for you. The cotton material makes it perfect to throw over for a casual day where you want to be comfortable but still look put together. This dress requires as little styling as possible. You are sure to be reaching out for this on a daily basis.

If you prefer something more traditional, this two piece Abaya is perfect for you. This features a Muslim dress underneath that is basic and an open Abaya with floral details along the shoulder. This is perfect for any special occasion. This can be worn together or separately, the styling options are endless.

Where to get a Muslim wedding dress

Weddings, to some women, are one of the most special of occasions. From the dress to the bouquets, everything must be perfect and make you feel as special as possible. For Muslim women, it can be quite difficult to find the perfect Muslim wedding dresses UK style that is modest and looks like what they have always imagined.

Here are our tips on how to find the perfect wedding dress:

1. When looking for Muslim wedding dresses, always ensure that you find the perfect bridal hijab. If you have a simple dress, then you can style it up with a jewelled hijab, and the opposite if you have a very detailed dress, this can be paired with a simple hijab to even this out.

2. Why not go for an Abaya couture look and opt for a wedding Abaya that is stylish and looks modest, while making you look like a real bride.

3. If you want to go for a bridal Abaya, then find one with extra details and unique touches to make it stand out from the rest. For example, ensure that the Abaya has different layers and cuts, or it has unique embroidery and different colours. Make sure that the Abaya designs make a statement.

4. If you are a guest to a wedding, then there are many ways to look stylish and modest. A Moroccan Kaftan or a Kaftan Abaya are the perfect outfits as they can look elegant and stylish while looking modest. A Kaftan dress is always going to make you look mature and stylish. Also, wearing a maxi dress that has been accessorised can make for a statement outfit at a wedding.

5. When shopping for a wedding dress on an online store, ensure that the site allows for alternations as you don’t want to receive your dress and be disappointed. Where possible, always try on the outfit before purchasing it.

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