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What Makes it Rolex Submariner so special?

This article is on undeniably the most famous watch in the world, the Rolex Submariner. With the Rolex Submariner, there are many different variations that were made over the years with different reference numbers etc, but the one I’m focusing on in this article is the new Rolex Submariner ceramic. When they came out with this watch a lot of different things changed on it and you realize why the two-tone Submariner is two thousand pounds more than the older one, and it’s just a big difference.

Simple Difference between Vintage Rolex Submariner vs New

Just like the GMT, it’s got the new maxi case that’s got the wider lugs, bigger crown guards, the bezel ceramic obviously, but it’s also a little bit wider and it gives the watch that looks that’s a little bit bigger. The dial indicators are also bigger and all those little things combined makes the watch have a bigger look. On paper they’re both 40 millimeters, a 1960 and 2016 are both 40 millimeters but 2016 is always going to look bigger because of that new maxi case.

When it comes to the bracelet – unbelievable, I’m talking about night and day difference. The older ones were made out of stamp steel proven Design and are also one of the best bracelets in the world but the new ones are on a whole another level. 

I mean you’re paying two thousand pounds more not just because it’s a newer watch but because it’s a whole different design as a whole, overall it still got the triple lock seal on the crown all that type of stuff but it’s just a newer version of it.

The submariners come In stainless-steel, two-tone, white gold and yellow gold. Its pretty much the most versatile watch that’s available. I mean there just isn’t an occasion that the watch is not suitable for, and yeah, of course, a badass Jaeger Derby on a leather strap would be fantastic for a wedding but the Submariner can pretty much suit anything you’re looking to do, whether you’re fishing or you’re at a business meeting, it just goes with everything.

Best features about Rolex Submariner Watches

The sub is that watch that everybody should have in a collection, I know I say this all the time but the Submariner is that one watch that you should have because when it comes to being in the water or anything that has to do with the outdoors, the Submariner is the best. The Submariner is a strong watch and very versatile, it’s a watch that you can buy and can wear for 30 years and you will never have a problem.

Yes, you’re supposed to service every four years but I’ve seen submariners run for 20 years without even the case being opened. With the stainless steel versions, they have two of them available. They got the green dial also known as the Submariner Hulk, then you got the standard black.

They both have their benefits, some people like the black because they like to play it safe, but the green one, what I feel is more special as opposed to the other one. To the untrained eye, someone might confuse a 2015 ceramic black sub with perhaps a 1992 Submariner and maybe not be given the credit that you might deserve, whereas when you have the green Hulk you know there is no confusion and from a mile away and you can tell it’s a brand new model. Personally, my favorite dial on the sub is the blue.

Rolex Submariner

The Fantastic yellow gold with the blue watches

They have the regular standard blue that first came out with the new ceramic models, then they came out with the sunburst blue. To tell you the truth I couldn’t care less which one I get, I like them both the same way. I almost tend to lean more towards the older one just because the original first ones that came out with ceramic, the blue is exactly the same color as the bezel. That is just my opinion and will be more concerned about getting a good price.I am equally happy with the first blue or the new sunburst blue that tends to look more like the vintage.

So the Submariner is mostly a dive watch, it’s not an extreme dive watch because that’s why you have the deep-sea and the sea dweller, but it’s a dive watch. You could take it diving, it’s got a triple crown seal, so you could pretty much leave the crown open on this thing, put it in the water and it won’t get any water inside, trust me because I’ve done it myself.

Not intentionally, purely by mistake. Obviously with the crown open it’s not going to be able to go down fifty feet of water but yeah you could be on the beach with it, with the crown open, and believe it or not, if the seals are good and it’s a fairly new watch it will hold out because of the triple crown seal. One of the really nerdy and neat features of the new sub is the slide lock clasp, it’s just fantastic.

The older clasp extension watches

That they had on the older ones was a little raggedy, but this new one just pops open and slides. It doesn’t get better than that, the EZ link is comfortable, the glide lock just offers you pretty much almost like a two-link and a half roughly extension or retraction. That’s something that just completely blew my mind when I saw it I said, ‘wow.’

Those are one of the things that when people ask me why are the new models so much more expensive. Everybody knows what the Submariner is, it doesn’t matter where you go it’s the watch that’s the most copied and the most known.

That what makes it such a key factor, there’s nowhere you can go that someone won’t recognize you. The Submariner is a watch that I recommend everybody should have once in their life, even if it’s just for a couple months and then you trade it in.

If you do decide to go diving with your Submariner, one of the key features is the rotating bezel. It works very simply, one of the main things, as opposed to like a Navy diver, is that you’re able to manipulate it wearing gloves or anything you might have when you’re diving.

It can be used underwater, when you jump into the water you can set the crown right to where the minute hand is, and any minute after you will be able to keep track of because you’ll know exactly how much time you have been in the water and how much air you have left.

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