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IELTS Test Tips and Advice

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an English Language test where it is mandatory for any international candidates who are planning to study or work in a country where English is the main communication language. The country like UK, Australia, US, Canada, New Zealand accepts IELTS. This test is mainly to make sure that the candidate has language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Why IELTS scores required?

Straightforward answer to this question is, where the candidate should be able to communicate and understand the English Language while staying in the country. So University and visa granting authorities have made IELTS scores as mandatory. To Study aboard you need to show very good communication skills and proper understanding of the English Language that is why IELTS scores have become important. Is IELTS test compulsory? Without IELTS test score there are many universities who accept for admission, but visa immigration officers will be not be convinced without English proficiency. To be in safer side, you need to aim to score at least 6 bands.

IELTS Test Pattern

IELTS exam includes 4 sections

  1. Reading Test: Test will be conducted for about 60 minutes. Test will have 3 long reading passages with tasks. Texts range from Descriptive and factual to discursive, and analytical includes non-verbal material like graphs, diagrams and illustrations texts are authentic which will be mostly taken from Books, Journals and Newspapers.
  2. Listening Test: This test will take about 30 minutes. Test will encompasses 4 monologues and conversations.
  3. Speaking Test: Test will take about 11 to 14 minutes. It’s face-to-face interview. Likely to be short questions, speaking about familiar topic and structured discussion.
  4. Writing Test: Test is for about 60 minutes. It’s a writing test for about 150 words. The candidate should be able to summarize, describe or explain graph, chart or diagram and also another short essay task for about 250 words.


British Council Global Schedule for IELTS global exam dates is 48 days per year. You can book IELTS exam dates online by choosing your preferable dates and convenience and availability. Exam dates should be chosen 3-4 months prior to your first application deadline. So that’s the period of time for you to prepare IELTS exam before submitting your application to colleges.

IELTS Exam Preparation

IELTS can be prepared by two ways either self-studying or attending coaching classes. If you think your English is good and your confident that you can pass the exam without assistance then you need to figure out when to start your preparation. Also if you have money issues, then self-study is a better option. For self-study you need to have proper books and study material.

When you find difficulty in self-study and you need professional supervision for your exam preparation it’s better to attend coaching classes. When you attend classes regularly you will feel confidence and you manage time to study.

Study Material

If you really want to score well nothing is possible if you do not practice. Study IELTS practice material in order to get the better idea of what kind of questions you might get during your exam. Practicing your IELTS material will make you confident and strong to attend your exam.

 10 Tips to guide you before IELTS exam

  1. Eat and Sleep well: Because IELTS exam takes a long time. For listening, speaking, reading and writing it takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes. Also no break in between the exams. So its good to have proper rest and have eaten previous day to keep your focus for the rest of the day.
  2. Clothing: On looking your appearance marks are not calculated. So its always better to wear comfortable dress as it is going to take a long time.
  3. Drinking: You are allowed to drink water in the exam room as long as your water bottle is transparent.
  4. Arrive Early: Plan previous day how long you need to travel to your exam centre, so accordingly you arrive as early as possible. Because you need to enter into your exam hall earlier or you won’t be allowed inside.
  5. Toilet: Your listening, reading and writing test will take about 2 hours and 40 minutes so use the toilet before you start the test. Try not to waste your valuable time and it might affect your score.
  6. Electronic device: You are strictly not allowed to bring the phone or any other electronic device inside the exam hall.
  7. Pen, Pencil & Eraser: You are allowed to take pen, pencils and erasers to your exam hall, no dictionary or extra paper is allowed.
  8. ID: You have check with your IELTS centre about your ID, what ID you need to carry. Please make sure you bring it and don’t miss it.
  9. Clock: Watch is not allowed inside the exam room. There will be a clock on the room, so you can keep checking the time for your listening, speaking, writing and reading tests.
  10. Disability: If you have any sort of disability that will affect your exam, you need to speak to the centre before your exam date.

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