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Why You Must Have a Wall Mounted Towel Rail in Your Bathroom?

Wall Mounted Towel Rail— Adds Functionality and Style to Your Bathroom

Not too long ago, towel rails were far from common in the UK’s homes. They were considered as a symbol of pure luxury in the homes of those rich enough to afford them. Nowadays bathroom towel warmers have become a common presence within a home.

Technological improvements and advancements in design have contributed to its increased popularity of heated towel racks. Moreover, the use of better materials in their construction has aided. Heated towel rails nowadays have become far more affordable as a result.

Many modern towel rails and radiators now work using an electric heating element. So, you have the freedom to use your towel rails independent of your central heating system which can significantly cut down the running costs.

Offering such notable features both from an aesthetical and practical perspective, any style of wall mounted towel rail you choose will eventually signify a top value choice. Also, it will improve your bathroom look for many years to come. They have now become an essential means for drying and heating in a bathroom or en-suite, and many a kitchen as well.

Reasons: Why to Invest in a Wall Mounted Towel Rail?

Have you ever thought what a towel rail is and why you need one? Many people living in the United Kingdom and other cold countries have never used or have never heard one of these magnificent creations made popular in European hotels.

towel rail or also known as a towel warmer is, a bathroom accessory that heats and dries your towel. It also supplies radiant heat to a room.

We have mentioned some of the top reasons and benefits of investing in a wall-mounted towel rail

1. Dry, Warm Towels Are the Best

What can be more luxurious and cosier than a dry, warm towel waiting for you after a shower in a cold morning or night? Nothing!

A good, towel rail holder dries out wet towels in just a few minutes. Few top models feature a heat setting that lets you adjust the heat as you like.

Turn up the heat in the chilly winters to enhance the warming factor. And simply turn it down in the summers to keep towels dry, and slightly toasty.

2. Useful for Other Stuffs Too

Heated towel rails aren’t just for towels. You can use towel bar rails for drying lots of clothing items on them, such as your winter gear.

You can hang your damp clothes on your towel rail for a few minutes, and they will be scorched and warm to be used again.

Even you can use wall mounted bathroom towel rail to dry out and warm your heavy coat worn in a snowstorm in no time.

A heated towel rail doesn’t necessarily have to be in your bathroom. You can add one of these rails to your kitchen or basement to dry out winter clothes.

In bathrooms, a top-notch rail serves as an alternate heat source for more refreshing and relaxing spaces of your home.

You can even install it in your entryway to keep the winter cold from entering through to your living room. Further, you can use it as a regular hanger for keeping your winter gears dry and warm every time you put them on.

Add one to your bedroom to hang sheets and blankets. It gives you the luxury and comfort of first-class hotel services right to your bedroom. Go to sleep snuggling in a warm blanket every night.

3. Gives You a Fresh Feel

Damp towels are a breeding area for bacteria which can create different sorts of problems. Hanging a wet towel on a hook, the towel gets bunched up. Due to which some areas of towels don’t get completely dry— making it easy for bacteria to grow in those damp, bunches up areas.

Bacteria are the main cause of towel stinks. Installing a heated towel rack holder let you say goodbye to that funky smell from your wet bath towel!

Even, the bacteria on towels can lead to other problems, such as acne and skin infections. Keep your skin healthy and hygienic by stopping bacteria from breeding.

Hang your towel on a high-quality, reliable towel warmer and say goodbye to the days of smelly towels!

4. Do Less Washing

If your towels dry entirely after your shower, you will not have to wash them often. Adding bathroom towel rails will make your laundry loads much lighter without washing big bath towels.

This applies for other clothing items too. Whether you are caught in a rain or snowstorm, you can instantly dry your clothes without having to wash them thoroughly.

Hang your sweaters, jackets and winter coats in wall mounted towel holder to dry them instantly with a quality heated rack. Less laundry means less energy, water and time wasted.

5. Heat Bathroom Space

An excellent quality wall mounted towel rail provides you with an additional heating source for your bathroom. Remember the size of your bathroom and the insulation in your walls matters.

Turn it up on cold winter days to make your bathroom toasty warm. Moreover, a wall-mounted heated rack is more energy-efficient than a conventional room heater.

And a bonus, an expert quality towel rail can add value to your home. Amaze potential buyers by providing a bathroom spa-like experience. Additionally, they will enjoy the energy-efficient heat source.

6. A Classy Storage Option

Majority of wall mounted bathroom towel bars come with multiple bars to let you hang lots of items. Hang up hand towelbath towel, and washcloths to dry quickly.

Choose the towel rails and rings according to your needs and bathroom style. If you are looking for a towel rail to hang single towel, go for “Vado Elements Towel Rail”.

Always choose a high-quality towel holder to last a long time. Heated towel rails come in a variety of sizes, colours and finishes. Customize it to complement your home and style.

7. Adds a Luxurious Touch

With a towel rail, you will add that luxurious and stylish touch to your bathroom and make your experience and feel like spa days.

Gone are the days of coming out of the shower to a soggy, smelly towel. Welcome to an era of fresh, warm, and cosy towels. Imagine yourself wrapped in a dry, warm towel every day – luxury at its best!

It makes your mornings much easier to handle even in coldest days.

8. Fits Your Style

Towel holders come in many sizes, finishes and styles that can go well with any bathroom design. From ultra-traditional to ultra-modern and everything in between is available at My Bubble Bath. They come in a freestanding towel or wall-mounted designs and different finishes including brushed nickel, chrome, matte black and more!

A designer towel rail is a finishing touch to bring your bathroom together in function, style and comfort. With a towel rail, you really can have it all!!

Things to Consider Before Buying Wall Mounted Towel Rail

Before investing in the right quality wall mounted towel rail, consider how you will use it.

Besides bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens are other accessible spaces for installing towel bars and holders. Cloakrooms and en-suites are as well if you have either or both in your home.

There are three main ways to use towel rails and radiators—

  1. Central Heating Towel Rack

Central heating towel racks are a feasible option. These types of racks are simply plumbed into the existing central heating system. A pair of existing or new radiator valves are required to accompany them.

The towel warmer will work in the same manner as a conventional radiator would. However, it will give a moderately lower heat output against a standard convector radiator.

  1. Electric Towel Rack

Electric towel racks are usually suitable for apartments or high-rise buildings.  They are quick and easy to set up and install and represent a cheaper alternative to dual fuel and central heating options.

Electric towel rails offer the most affordable ways to make sure your towels are kept dry and toasty warm. Moreover, contemporary designs provide excellent aesthetic appeal.

  1. Dual Fuel Towel Rack

They are a trendy type of towel racks. They let the user experience the best of both worlds in terms of electric and central heating operation.

These towel racks integrate an electric heating element, but they are also plumbed into the central heating system.

It helps you maintain a steady stream of warm towels. Even when your central heating system is switched off during the scorching summers, you can still get your toasty towels!

My Bubble Bath Offers Top-Notch Wall Mounted Towel Rail

Choosing the perfect wall-mounted towel rail finish and style depends on your taste, need and the décor of the room.

Stainless steel and chrome towel rails are examples of classic and most popular finishes.

My Bubble Bath offers an outstanding collection of freestanding towel and wall mounted traditional towel rails in a wide range of designs. You can get the perfect one for your home, whether you need a compact heating solution or looking to populate a larger space.

To create a modernistic vibe in your bathroom, a modern designer heated towel rack is pretty much vital.

Vado Spa Towel Shelf with Towel Rail

Stay updated with the latest innovative towel rails only on My Bubble Bath! We also offer a great selection of towel rail valves and bathroom accessories. So, you can add that essential extra functionality to your component and impeccably complete the look.

My Bubble Bath’s heated towel rail collection features a wide range of wall-mounted towel racks including a variety of different stylish profiles. Get the perfect option to match your preferences and enrich the functionality and look of your bathroom.

For more ideas about how you can enhance the look and feel of your bathroom, visit our blog.

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