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How to Sell Luxury Watches Safely and Confidently?

Every man should own a wristwatch that is both elegant and functional.  But when the budget is less of a matter, luxury watches are something that offers much more than style and function. Luxury watches should be considered more as an investment. Due to its finer quality, luxury watches will outlive lower-priced items and promises a good appreciation in value over time.

Unlike several other accessories, luxury watches are usually slow to depreciate in value, and in most cases can be even worth much more than what they were actually at the time of purchase. Luxury watches generally features a “collectibility factor” that helps to retain their value. So, if want to sell your luxury watch online, remember that it is probably worth more than you may think!

Why Sell Luxury Watches?

There are many reasons to sell your watch. Imperial Time makes it convenient, simple and stress-free. When you work with Imperial Time, you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

When it comes to selling your luxury watch, our offers are based on real listing and sales in the pre-owned market. With all the essential information at our disposal, we can give you the fair and accurate values for your luxury watch. If you’re in search of a better selling experience of your luxury watch, you have come to the right place.

Top Selling Luxury Watches That Are Worth the Most

When it comes to the resale value of luxury watches, what matter is the brand strength! The best selling luxury watch brands (RolexTag HeuerOmegaPatek Philippe, Jaeger Lecoultre, and Hublot) are a great example of timepieces with a higher value that are much convenient to sell at a decent, profitable price. Recently, Tag Heuer and Rolex watches have also commenced drawing great resale prices; all thanks to the trend following the brand has won among watch collectors.

Luxury watches are modish classics that are always coveted by watch lovers. Whether you want to sell an elegant Rolex watch or a classic Hublot in London, you’ll always need someone who has the expertise to evaluate your watch inside and out.

Where Can I Sell My Luxury Watch?

When you want to sell watches in London, look no further than the Imperial Time as your go-to destination.

Every single watch sold at Imperial Time goes through our expert watch-making team to verify authenticity, execute necessary service, and make sure it is running well. And, every Imperial Time watch comes with a warranty for that extra peace of mind.

How to Get the Most When You Sell Luxury Watches in London?

You may think “how to sell luxury watches near me”, “how much money will I get when I sell my luxury watch”, and so on. The questions are many, but the concern is just one— to sell the luxury watch at the best possible price.  Selling your watches on eBay or craigslist is never a good idea, as you may not get that good price for your watch, and moreover, there are probabilities of getting cheated and being targeted by scammers!

The best and most safe way to  sell your luxury watches online, and get the best possible price is to sell your luxury watch to a dedicated luxury watch buyers.

Years of experience in this industry means that Imperial Time can confidently and quickly appraise and assess the best value of your luxury watch. To ensure you get the most prices for your watch, consider the following checklist:

1. Original box and accessories

2. Watch in a good and working condition

3. Original invoice

4. Warranty card


Remember to Have Reasonable Expectations

Undoubtedly, a luxury watch is expensive. But, luxury watch is similar to cars— once out from showroom, its value decreases. While you should look around to fetch the best possible price, it’s also crucial to have realistic expectations about the present worth of your watch.

Buy and Sell Luxury Watches Confidently and Safely at Imperial Time

If you are thinking about how to buy and sell luxury watches, the answer is Imperial Time. Buying and selling at Imperial Time is an easy, yet fast and safe way. Many people spend a lot of their time on auction sites taking snaps and listing the watches, then answering non-stop queries, and ultimately landing in a poor deal!

You can do this with us that too safely and securely! We certify the authenticity of all the luxury watches or your money back! Our reliability in the luxury watch sector makes the process of selling your luxury watch as reliable and easy as possible. Our specialised team and systematic processes ensure authentication, privacy, and real pricing for the seller. When any luxury watch is sold to Imperial Time, we help out to make the process as turnkey as possible.

Luxury watches retain their value and in some cases appreciate over time, no one understands that more than professionals and experts. Here at Imperial Time, we simply won’t be defeated on price and guarantee to pay you the best possible prices for your luxury timepieces.

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